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Wowzers! Pupil barristers are gonna be richer than Chelsea FC dudester Roman Abramovich. And he’s mega-rich!

These young Bar badboys will be raking in the readies thanks to a decision by Wilberforce Chambers (or DickerForce Chambers, more like!) to ramp up pay by a mega 35%!!!

That means these courtroom cash crazy kids will soon be pulling in £65,000 a year!

Yes, they’ll have more spare cash to play with than a lottery winner on a mega-splurge at happy hour down the student union!

Hey, they might even buy us Ashurst finance partners a drink at the golf club in Henley over the weekend, where we’re gearing up for an important committee meeting followed by a round against a touring team of Ryder Cup veterans. Should be real test.

*This Story was orginally “published” in The Lawyer

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Bitter they won’t let you write for them?

No worries. Just carry on churning out poorly factchecked articles about the state of the legal profession for the Guardian despite you not actually knowing about it.

Or, I’ll tell you what – when you actually help to create a resource as fucking brilliant as their Inside Info section, which is a hell of a lot more helpful for potential trainees than your recycled bollocks and snide asides (remember David Allen Green, the ‘anonymous journeyman lawyer’, or your pathetic sideswipe at Inns dinners?), you can start to criticise RoF properly. When you attract actual lawyers to an equivalent of their Training board to give studes invaluable advice, you might feel you’re entitled to sneer at RoF’s supposed inadequacy. In the meantime, stick to the day job.


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