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City Pro Bono Falls: Airfare Savings?

As City pro bono hours drop, Alasdair Stewart of pro bono charity LawWorks is buoyed by firms’ greater appetite for ‘boots-on-the-ground’ projects Alex Aldridge’s much-discussed article on Legal Cheek yesterday about magic circle law firms’ plunging pro bono figures is one of those occasions where I’m not sure that the facts are showing the real… Read more »

Alternative Careers: Working for a Legal Charity

LawWorks’ Alasdair Stewart on why there’s more to life than training contracts When I started my law degree, my thoughts were firmly focused on how it would aid a career in business. By the end of the course, I was moving to London to work for a charity. I was very fortunate to attend the… Read more »

Can Tension Between Legal Aid and Pro Bono Be Resolved?

Rather than criticise pro bono charities for “overselling” themselves, legal aid lawyers need to work with them, argues Alasdair Stewart Last month the Legal Action Group warned pro bono charities against making too much noise about the amount of pro bono assistance that they are helping to support – and the danger this poses. “The… Read more »


Follow @AlasdairIS But despite the complaints from lawyers and disinterest from the press, the fact the event takes place at all represents major progress, says Alasdair Stewart National pro bono week took place last month, but I fear that it passed most people by. Despite a range of events taking place up and down the… Read more »