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Welcome To The ‘Envy Economy’ Of City Law Firms

I spend my days in the office listening to management speak. When I’m not going forward, I’m circling back. Before touching base, I’m leveraging my talent to provide solutions. And if that fails, I’m actioning a synergistic paradigm shift strategy (acronymised, of course, as ‘SPSS’). But my favourite phrase is ‘economy’, writes TheTraineeComplex…

Feeling Important: Possible As a Trainee Solicitor?

TheTraineeComplex continues his bid to understand life as a City law firm trainee through reference to the work of Sigmund Freud When criticised, Freud used to reply: “You know what, my mother loves me”. What he meant by this was that as long as you feel important to at least one person then what the… Read more »

Same Shirt, Different Day: Freudian Explanation?

Last Thursday, I wore the same shirt to work as I had on Wednesday. This shouldn’t have happened: I’ve got ten shirts and a sophisticated rotation system. Yet there I was, a trainee lawyer at a City law firm, dressed in the same shirt two days in a row, writes TheTraineeComplex When I find myself… Read more »