Is The LNAT Fit For Purpose?

Barrister-to-be Jack Smith, whose LNAT score didn’t correspond with his other academic results, isn’t convinced by the undergraduate law application test With A-Level results improving each year, it’s only natural that university law faculty admissions tutors seek to distinguish between the best applicants via an additional test. For many institutions, the National Admissions Test for… Read more »

Wannabe Lawyer Sends Letter of Rejection To Oxford Uni

A state-school pupil who was invited to Oxford University for an interview for a place to read law decided against going along – and wrote her own letter of rejection to the university. In it, she said Oxford “did not quite meet the standard” of other universities. Here’s the full text of Elly Nowell’s (pictured)… Read more »


This week Alex Aldridge is taking a barely earned rest from uploading blogs to Legal Cheek to go on holiday to Morocco. As he tries to sell Aunty Em for 2 camels and a leather bag, co-host Kevin Poulter takes charge of the #RoundMyKitchenTable podcast (for two weeks only), rebranding it #RoundMyDiningTable. Joining him #RoundMyDiningTable… Read more »


Follow @cathrynkoz Cathryn Kozlowski focused on getting top music qualifications rather than top A-levels, but now she wants to be a lawyer and is finding that firms hold this against her Almost every training contract and vac scheme application now begins with a filtering process, whereby you must state whether you achieved the usual minimum… Read more »