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DLA Piper’s ‘Journalist Awards’: One Suspension Of Disbelief Too Far?

Interesting, but hardly surprising, to note that the winners of last month’s DLA Piper ‘Journalist Awards’ have all contributed favourable pieces of editorial about the firm to their respective publications. DLA’s ‘Business Journalist of the Year’, Ian King of The Times, co-authored ‘How did business weather the economic winter? (£)’, featuring some nice quotes delivered… Read more »

City Law Website RollOnFriday Is Edited By An Ashurst Partner

Correction 11.45am 30/5/12: In its original form, this post stated that RollOnFriday had “maintained that [Ashurst partner Piers] Warburton had no editorial involvement in the Friday story round-up” until it “came clean” and admitted otherwise last week. This was incorrect: RollOnFriday has never sought to publicly hide Warburton’s editorial role, nor has it sought to… Read more »

City Lawyers Go After David Wolfe QC

RollOnFriday’s story about newly appointed silk David Wolfe QC (pictured) signing a letter in 2003 calling for the QC system to be abolished was a good one. But it didn’t feel quite right. Having described the system as “elitist” and “an opportunity to add another zero to your brief fee”, RollOnFriday – which is 50% owned… Read more »

Michael Mansfield QC: ‘The Johnny Depp Of The Legal World’

“Radical; vegetarian; socialist. These three words are rarely used in conjunction with lawyers, but these are the three that encapsulate Michael Mansfield QC,” begins last week’s Oxford University student newspaper profile of well-known human rights lawyer Michael Mansfield (pictured left). “In a mystifying world, brim-full of traditions, wigs, and lots of Latin,” it continues, “you… Read more »

Pro Bono Plunges Across The Magic Circle

As the slashing of the legal aid budget nears, it has become common to hear City law firms talked up as white knights ready to ride to the rescue of those no longer able to secure funding to take their problems to court. The trouble is, the amount of hours these firms devote to their… Read more »

Don’t Believe the Law School Scholarship Hype

Yesterday a press release from the College of Law appeared in my inbox, headed COLLEGE OF LAW LAUNCHES SCHOLARSHIPS FOR BPTC (Bar Professional Training Course) STUDENTS. An hour or so later I noticed Lawyer2B had published it as a news story. Now, usually when journalists write on-diary news they tone down the frequently hyperbolic tone… Read more »


Follow @AlexAldridgeUK The legal press is not always what it seems, says Alex Aldridge I’m always surprised by how uncritically lawyers read what’s written in the legal press. Many don’t realise that each magazine has a commercial agenda that strongly influences how it writes – and what it writes about. Last week, the City law… Read more »


Follow @AlexAldridgeUK Continuing snobbery towards legal blogging betrays journalists’ fear that evolving medium could do them out of a job, says Alex Aldridge Not so long ago, the Times’ weekly law section was the place to read about law. Published on Tuesday, rather than Thursday as it has been for the last few years, it… Read more »


Follow @LegalCheek Legal Cheek is watching you… Social mobility champion of the week @TheInnerTemple, with its “strong tradition of political engagement, social responsibility and meritocracy” “The Princess Royal, Inner Temple’s Royal Treasurer, will attend the Grand Day Dinner tomorrow.” Borderline insane #FollowFriday behaviour of the week @TheNakedLawyer 70 separate #FF tweets (equating to well over… Read more »

JOURNALISM WATCH: Ashurst co-owned RollOnFriday’s love of recycling

On Friday, I was shopping online for flights to Marrakesh for my holidays. But try as I might, I just couldn’t find the flight booking menu on the easyJet website. Then I realised I wasn’t on at all. Instead, I’d navigated in error to the remarkably similar-looking