Ambulance chasing

‘Solicitor Saturday': Law Firm Releases Surreal Personal Injury-Themed Sky Sports Spoof

For those unfamiliar with the show, Sky Sports’ ‘Soccer Saturday’ sees washed-up ex-footballers offer excitable commentary on unfolding events in the Premier League every week. Neither its format nor its content is obviously analogous with personal injury law. Yet Liverpool-based GT Law obviously sees a link, having commissioned this spoof legal-themed version of the show,… Read more »

Clarke Willmott Lawyers Accused Of ‘Shocking’ Omissions As Firm Pays Out £500K In Pro Neg Settlement

When paralysed motorcyclist Kenny Jordan took his case to Clarke Willmott, he would have expected the “Great service… Great People…” promised by the firm’s strap line. Instead he got what could be summarised as “…”. Paul Mulderrig of Mulderrigs Solicitors represented Jordan in his professional negligence action against the firm. It was concluded with a… Read more »

As Bradley Wiggins Triumphs, Law Firm Releases Tour De France Death Infographic To Flog Accident Claims

Tired of the old ‘had an accident at work?’ advertising format, personal injury lawyers are getting increasingly creative – experimenting with mediums like comedy and song. But Camden-based Osbornes Solicitors have taken this process of innovation one step further – launching a campaign to pedal peddle the services of its ambulance chasing division through celebration… Read more »

Personal Injury: It’s a Massive Laugh!

Paul Rooney, the personal injury law firm, has launched a comedy video advert to flog the services of its ambulance chasing lawyers. Tasteless? Maybe, but hey, you get de-sensitised to other people’s pain after a while, and at the end of the day life’s just one black, black joke. Well, that’s what a spokesperson for… Read more »