As Bradley Wiggins Triumphs, Law Firm Releases Tour De France Death Infographic To Flog Accident Claims

Tired of the old ‘had an accident at work?’ advertising format, personal injury lawyers are getting increasingly creative – experimenting with mediums like comedy and song. But Camden-based Osbornes Solicitors have taken this process of innovation one step further – launching a campaign to pedal peddle the services of its ambulance chasing division through celebration… Read more »

Top QC Blasts The Times’ Cycling Campaign

Cycling-mad barrister Martin Porter QC has rounded on a safe cycling campaign launched by The Times in response to a serious injury suffered by one of its reporters. Porter (pictured), who was recently in the news for helping to get a motorist convicted for abusing him while on his bike, has “concerns about the way… Read more »

Cycling QC Avenges Road Rage Torment

If there’s a moral to be taken from the legal news over the last couple of weeks, it’s not to mess with lawyers on bikes. Last week Legal Cheek reported the case of the cycling law student who responded to a policeman’s attempt to ticket him with the immortal line: “I won’t be accepting any… Read more »