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Charity That Campaigns For ‘Access To Justice For All’ Offers Internships Only To Those Who Can Afford To Work For Free

Wandering idly through Holborn the other day, I spotted this advert for the Environmental Law Foundation’s (ELF) internship programme on City Law School’s notice board. Nobody picked up the phone when I called the contact number on the ad, but its failure to mention remuneration, allied to the information I gathered online (see below and… Read more »

Unpaid Internships: Law Students Most Likely To Work For Free

New data shows that law students are the most willing of all students to work for free to gain an internship. Over half (51%) surveyed by research company Trendence said they’d intern gratis, compared to 41% of engineering students and 37% of IT students. Their willingness to work for free corresponded with the fact that… Read more »