Laurie Anstis

Will The ‘New Twitter’ Take Off Among Lawyers?

Back in 2008-09, the legal tweeting community was widely looked down upon, its members derided as narcissistic nerds. The tables have long since turned, of course. But after a period basking in the glory of their foresight, the legal Twitter elders seem to be growing restless. Statements like “Twitter isn’t what it used to be”… Read more »


This week Alex Aldridge is taking a barely earned rest from uploading blogs to Legal Cheek to go on holiday to Morocco. As he tries to sell Aunty Em for 2 camels and a leather bag, co-host Kevin Poulter takes charge of the #RoundMyKitchenTable podcast (for two weeks only), rebranding it #RoundMyDiningTable. Joining him #RoundMyDiningTable… Read more »