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5 Responses to “Legal Cheek”

  1. Dave May 22, 2012 10:19pm

    Any chance of you re-posting the #RoundMyKitchenTable podcast with Emily Thornberry MP? It seems to have disappeared from itunes.

  2. troy codnee

    I notice that you mention little about spoons. Spoons are essential articles for everyone, including lawyers. Without them no one could consume soups or casseroles.

  3. Duncan Macpherson

    How do I follow this blog? Is there a RSS feed or something? I have no desire to join Twitter. Please help a paper-based luddite.

  4. troy codnee

    Can you comment about how you ran a story on a man who had a job as a lecturer and was then facing trial for sexual grooming. You have posted a follow up story following his acquittal here

    For reasons of your own you have disabled the comment facility on both stories.

    Personally, I found the original piece worthy of gutter journalism, appealing only to a sense of prurient self righteousness, and very much a non story. I commented as such in the original article.

    I am greatly concerned that you have sought to prevent comments on this matter, having run the original story. Perhaps you could explain why.

    Further, out of simple decency, why don’t you apologise for the original (non) story where you went so far as to invite comment from this man’s place of work?

    I suppose there is no obligation on you to do so, but it seems that your publication ought to have known better.