Through The Keyhole: Lincoln’s Inn Student Accommodation

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City University BPTC student Jack Smith welcomes Legal Cheek duo Alex Aldridge and Kevin Poulter into his Lincoln’s Inn home – obtained thanks to the scholarship he bagged from the famous Inn.

Like a Japanese tourist on his first visit to London, Aldridge insists on filming everything. The unique footage of smith’s flat, nestled in the corner of Lincoln’s Inn on Chancery Lane, is available below.

Joining Smith, Poulter and Aldridge is Tim Bierre, another City BPTC student. Bierre hails from Pennsylvania, and has come to the UK to take advantage of its lower law school course fees, and, of course, to experience those lovely wigs we allow our barristers to wear.

Listen to the quartet in conversation in the podcast below

Having taken the tour of Smith’s Lincoln’s Inn palace, Aldridge, who rarely leaves the confines of his squalid Hackney bedsit, launches into a series of socially-odd hardball questions.

“Why don’t you sublet this place out? You could make a fortune,” he demands, before continuing:

“How far would you go for a pupillage? Would you mug an old lady, for example, or murder a dog, if you knew it would never get back to you?”

Increasingly embarrassed by the behaviour of his co-host, a mortified Poulter interjects, “What sort of world are you living in, Alex?” before changing the subject to his favourite theme: why solicitors are far superior to barristers.

Then, out of nowhere, something snaps and Poulter launches an attack on Smith’s flat, which he describes as “cell-like”, adding: “With only a bucket, a mop, a hoover and a fridge freezer in the room, that’s pretty much it.”

“Kevin, Kevin, Kevin, we spend all of our lives in the library,” pleads a shell-shocked Smith.

Listen to the fun they had below.

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