Olympics Special: Lawyer Opening Ceremony Participants Probed Over Ambush Marketing Plans

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This evening, following months of rehearsals, BPTC graduate Ricky Seal and solicitor Kevin Poulter will appear in Danny Boyle’s Olympic Games opening ceremony.

The pair tell policy wonk and part-time LPC student Sophie Earnshaw and journalist Alex Aldridge about their deep sense of pride as they prepare for the event over a bottle of wine in Legal Cheek‘s Hackney studios – located just a stone’s throw from the Olympics site.

But will they be donning leisure wear branded with the name of Poulter’s firm, Bircham Dyson Bell, for the occasion?

Listen to their conversation in full in the podcast below, where Seal and Earnshaw also outline their strategies to net, respectively, a pupillage and a training contract.

The podcast is also available on iTunes.