Podcast: Dispatches from the exam frontline

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Exam season is upon us: students up and down the country are frantically highlighting, cultivating coffee addictions, weeping and – if urban legend is to be believed – tearing key pages out of library books to gain a competitive edge.

Blogger Lucy Pether (pictured with me below), who combines her Legal Cheek editorial duties with the final year of a law degree at LSE, is one such student (although she’s never torn pages out of library books). Happily, I’m free from such pain having finished my law degree at neighbouring institution UCL last year. Below, we share our exam tips (and horror stories) for your listening pleasure…

Currently in a whirlwind of felt tip pens and post it notes in the run up to her finals, Lucy is trying her best to avoid absolutely anyone who studies law. As part of this strategy she has taken to having several baths a day to calm her nerves. Meanwhile, from my comfortable position as a graduate, I urge students to start smoking and, when it comes to the big day, to avoid the temptation to walk out of the exam room after reading the questions (a sight I once witnessed).

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