Commercial lawyers top new junior barrister ‘hottie’ list

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Who needs legal directories?


The much-awaited Hottest Junior Barristers List 2016 is finally here, and it’s the commercial barristers that have come out on top.

The brainchild of the self-proclaimed ‘Hottie Experts’, the list features 10 of the country’s hottest newly qualified barristers — and two honourable mentions — all of less than five years call.

The list debuted in 2013, with the now Amal Clooney scoring first place long before she hooked up with George. Despite attracting controversy along the way, the list pushed through and the 2016 edition is now here.

Competition, according to the Hottie Experts — a journalist and an art historian — was stiff, with nominations apparently pouring in from across the bar. But it’s now been revealed that commercial set rookies dominate the top ranks.

Harriet Ter-Berg — a barrister at London-based commercial chambers Hardwicke — came out on top in the girls’ category. Not only is she a “goddess”, it’s also been pointed out that Ter-Berg is a genius: she boasts a first class law degree from Oxford, an award for best performance in — arguably four of the most horrendous law modules — contract law, tort law, land law and trusts, and was the lucky recipient of the Lincoln’s Inn Hardwicke Entrance Award.

And it’s Maitland’s Ed Granger that took the crown in the boys’ category. Qualifying into the commercial set in October 2015, the Cambridge grad’s new title as hottest junior barrister is just yet another achievement to add to his staggering collection of prizes and awards.

Two more commercial barristers snatched second place in both the male and female categories: Claudia Renton, from Essex Court Chambers, and pupil Chris de Beneducci from 4 New Square.

Legal aid lawyers do feature on the annual list, just a little lower down than the commercial big shots. Criminal barristers Abimbola Johnson and Hannah Evans took third and fourth place respectively in the girls’ category, with family law specialist Lily Mottahedan coming in fifth place. It’s human rights specialist Ifeanyi Odogwu in fourth place out of the boys, with his fellow Garden Court barrister Paul Clark given an honorary mention in the ‘sophomore class’ section.

The other barristers to feature are Littleton‘s Jamie Susskind and St John’s James Hughes, with Guildhall’s Suzanne Staunton also receiving an honourable mention.

The full 2016 Barrister Hottie List is here.


Criminal Trainee

Well this is degrading



You don’t have to be brutal to be smart kids


Not Amused

It is a little known fact that I am called ‘not amused’ because I was, not amused, by the behaviour of these sump feeding ‘journalists’ who composed the original list.

It will surprise nobody that I continue to not be amused by this grotesque behaviour.



They are so, so awful



No one cares



I’m surprised you’re still unemployed



Whoa, autobiography spoiler alert! Don’t tell us any more, I’m still on the chapter “How I came up with the term “Poor Born Kids””!



Wot no Charlotte?



Where’s Blacker


Lord Harley of Cockgoblin

I was provisionally rated at 1st place on the list but I wrote to the authors to confirm that I have accepted an offer from Oxford to teach the Parking Ticket Appeals module on the BCL. Although I still have a number of vulnerable clients who would benefit from my advocacy on their behalf, I have decided to take a step back from full-time legal practice to enable me to spend more time on my other commitments including my work with St John’s Ambulance.



That first sentence is pure bants. Lol and hat tip!



The Hardwicke Entrance Award isn’t anything special. There are around 100 of them and anyone who gets a scholarship from Lincoln’s is going to get one.

Of course, you would have known that had you done your research. In your defence, it probably is prestigious from your perspective.



Considering hundreds of students apply to Lincoln’s each year for a scholarship but don’t get one, it is quite prestigious from that perspective. Stop being a snob.



This is factually wrong. It’s a specific type of scholarship. I have had two scholarships from Lincoln’s – for BVC and pupillage. Neither was a Hardwicke Entrance Award. Perhaps you need to do your research.



Susskind should be excluded on the basis he is a robot created by Richard Susskind.



Susskind is very good looking, isn’t he?



>A first from Oxford.



This is exactly the sort of important, hard-hitting journalism I expect from Legal Cheek.



Now – despite picking on the most junior members of the profession – I’m sure they’ll still try to justify this is ‘satire’. But I wonder how these girls would feel if we put together a ‘hottest journalists’ or a ‘hottest art historians’ list?



A few uggos, mostly ‘meh’, one ‘I wouldn’t kick out of bed but would waste effort to get them there’.


Charlotte Proudman

Was it something I said?



Just what the average barrister ego needs, to be included on this list.


Scouser of Counsel

I believe that I’m within the top 11,000 hottest barristers!


2017 Barrister Hottie of the Year in-the-making

Watch this space…


Perverted Justice

Nothing hotter than a sexy lawyer – spank you very much


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