‘Freshfields’ Nigeria office is a world away from glamorous magic circle law

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Megafirm tight-lipped over developments in Lagos


Magic circle outfit Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer appears to be a brand in hot demand, with a local Nigerian law firm using the name to promote its services online.

Freshfields Law & Legal Services — based Nigeria‚Äôs largest city of Lagos — is headed up by managing partner Aderemi Adekile. Or to give his full title, Prince Aderemi Adekile LL.B (HONS.), B.L., LL.M., ACIT, FCIT.

With the magic circle giant’s namesake boasting expertise in everything from corporate law to real estate, the firm proudly trumpets that it not only attracts the top clients, but also “top quality law graduates”.

But before law students fire off a training contract application, they should probably check out the “office tour” section of the site. First spotted by legal blog Roll On Friday, the offices of Nigeria’s “leading” law firm may leave many wannabe lawyers a little underwhelmed.

As you arrive at the office you are met with a plush open plan reception and seating area. Unfortunately, if more than two clients arrive at any one time, then one will be forced to sit on the floor. But what a floor!


Moving swiftly on, it would appear that images labelled the “coffee room” and the “meeting room” could be the same room photographed from different angles.


Next up is the extensive law library at Freshfields. With literally hundreds of books available to undertake legal research, you’re in safe hands with Prince Adekile and his team.


Finally, come the lawyers’ offices themselves. Or “layers’ offices”, according to the website. With at least one desk, and a fancy looking coat stand, it’s not clear whether Freshfields’ Nigerian outpost operates a ‘hot-desking’ policy.


Freshfields — the magic circle one, with over 2500 lawyers across 28 offices in 16 countries — declined to comment.



I don’t think I’ve ever read a more pretentious and Eurocentric article on LC ever. That fact that you took issue with the arrangement of the books highlights your pettiness.


Suspect found

Hi Kwabe, how’s Oxford these days you miserable piece of shyte?



It can’t be Kwabe, it’s written in normal English.



That comment offends my bodily integrity.



How on earth is this article Eurocentric? Are you just throwing around SJW jargon without knowing what the words mean?


Prince Dank of Lambeth LLB LLM SWAG SWIM (5M)

Sounds like “Prince Aderemi Adekile LL.B (HONS.), B.L., LL.M., ACIT, FCIT” could be the Lord Harley of Nigeria



This post has been removed because it breached Legal Cheek’s comments policy.



I love how Legal Cheeky try to subtly pass comment on Ethnic Minorities with their superior, white privilege and arrogant viewpoints on different areas, every so often on different articles. Why don’t you focus on whats important and stop trying to belittle and stamp on Black people



Superior, white privilege. The best kind of privilege there is. The premier brand of privilege on the market right now.


Corbyn. Sympathiser.

This is unpleasant.



My sincere apologies. I was only attempting to satirise the use of the formulation “superior, white privilege” which I find grammatically and conceptually gauche.


Paul Stanley

God bless you good sir.



So you are attempting to belittle a local Lagosian law firm which, all things considered, seems to have pretty decent amenities and resources? What a pretentious load of crap. Surely there are more constructive uses for your time.





Corporal Cocks

‘pretty decent amenities’

Lolsies. Bogs in the middle of Dhaka’s central train station look better than that office son.


Sergeant Minge Magnet

You really must stop frequenting the toilets of Bangladesh…. Try the ones at Middle Temple… They have a certain je ne sais quoi



Alex et al. are all failed lawyers – this is hypocrisy at its finest. So what if their office isn’t a 1000ft plexiglass monolith? Care to post pictures of LC towers, Alex?



LC towers is in fact the local Starbucks.



You lot all need to lighten up. The firm is calling itself FRESHFIELDS for crying out loud. I think it’s totally acceptable poke fun at them considering they are evidently infringing a trademark.


Prince Aderemi Adekile LL.B (HONS.), B.L., LL.M., ACIT, FCIT

The article is pretty pompous and nasty ridiculing a small firm that’s trying to give itself a big image.

That said, it’s also quite funny.



This article isn’t mocking the firm because the lawyers are black, or because it’s in Africa. It’s mocking it because it’s passing off as a MC firm and doing it in a comically amateurish way. ROF often gives this kind of treatment to firms in the UK too when they try similar shenanigans.



This article is literally lifted from ROF. The writers at LC read this in the morning and prepared this article straight after.


RoF Rozzer

Didn’t you notice that already? LC is essentially Alex’s exercise in copying and pasting articles from ROF.

Rumour Alex and Tommy actually applied to be junior hacks at RoF towers ages ago, but Jamie told them to go suck a big one. Neither of them have big ones, so LC was born.




Remember guys if it has been on ROF nobody else can write about it. Demz the rulez fam.


Olgoi Khorkoi

Hey there Tommy, how’s life treatin’ ya?


Boh Dear

So what, everything is stolen these days. The keyboard I’m writing on is stolen, the mouse is stolen. Even the words I’m using are stolen; they’re not mine, someone else made them up before me!


Charlotte Proudman

I’ve always fancied African men, perhaps I can get a transfer and restart my broken career.



The Lagos Freshfields invited the snide remarks with its needless attachment to the English name.


Dr Idi Amin Daddo

Diz inzultink artikle by dis blog iz got to stop rite now!!!

I, idi amin, prezident n suprem rulah of the republik of buganda implor LC to ceize n dezist wit dis razist krap rite now!



Is another Nigerian firm ripping off the Nigerian Freshfields in turn?


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