Law student’s embarrassing mum bids to land him Freshfields vac scheme

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A law student’s mum has raised eyebrows after tweeting a magic circle law firm to ask them why they hadn’t approached her son about next year’s vacation scheme.

On Monday, the embarrassing mum, who describes herself in her Twitter bio as “Proud Mummy to my gorgeous son who is studying Law”, publicly enquired as to when Freshfields “will be emailing students regarding next years vacation scheme”, adding “my son was told it would be in July”.

The mum has form in this department. In June she tweeted Citadel Chambers barrister Rupert Jones asking if he could offer her son some work experience.

Perhaps wisely, the mum has now made her tweets private. Before she was able to do this, the legal blog RollOnFriday spent some time trawling through her Twitter posts to unearth previous tweets from a year ago in which the mum lambasted various local newspapers for not reporting on her son’s schools’ A-level results.

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Nice RoF repost as always, top work Alex.



I am still waiting for you to publish the Legal Cheek staff salaries Alex. I bet you thought I had forgotten. I haven’t and I never will.


LC Intern

You fight like a younger man, with nothing held back. Admirable but mistaken.






RoF massive is definitely going to pay your office a visit one day.



We’re already readying the blowtorches and leadpipes.



ROF news must not appear elsewhere! It’s not fair!



Katie King actually has a very strong academic record. Straight A*/As, a strong 1st in Law at University of Bristol. I wonder if she likes roast gammon.



Another stolen from ROF.



Love that ROF now watermark their photos as you guys literally steal everything off them. Such a joke…



Ah Legal Cheek, if you can’t beat them (RoF), copy them.



No less embarrassing than the old boys’ network benefiting posh white males.



I would have commented on the fact that LC steal ROF’s stories, but everyone else has done a good job noting it

Having said that, this guys mum needs to pipe it down and stop breastfeeding her son.
If he hasn’t got the initiative to do things himself at this age and studying at LSE then he never will.

I wonder if she’ll do the bundling and minute-taking if/when he starts his TC…



I don’t think so – she seems dumber than a sack of rocks.



What on earth is ROF?

Also, can LC publish their salaries. I’m guessing plagiarism is a good way to pay the bills.



Guessing that simply plagiarising copy from RoF doesn’t pay the bills. This is why Alex doesn’t publish his salaries. And why he lives in a sink estate.



How dare you be so mean about my beautiful son!

Identify yourselves and you will have me and my smacking hand to answer to!!!!!



How much for a tuggie?

I is only gots a fiver tho…



Fuck Kirkland



To all pro-ROF troll posters…

Where the fuck do you think this story came from in the first place? The woman’s Twitter account was public. Anyone could read her tweets, link to them and write about them.

Do you seriously think that when one newspaper, website etc reports on a public story it then owns the story and no one else should be allowed to mention it? On that basis ROF stole the story from the mother, since her tweets *are* the story and they were already out there.

How thick are you?

Disclaimer: I have nothing to do with LC, except I prefer to read it rather than the hideous orange solicitors’ site.



Hi Alex, how nice of you to join us. The nasty comments rattled you, have they?



Wrong. I’m nothing to do with this site, apart from reading it and posting on it occasionally.

Just can’t bear the tedious sniping by ROF fans.



So instead you condone this website CONSTANTLY nicking stories (often without an even fleeting mention of its source) off RoF and parading it as its own?

A public Twitter profile is one thing, but being unable to come up with your own scoops and resorting to publishing someone else’s work as your own is pathetic.

You spineless flog.



WTF? This thread has gone full ROF retard.



Jog on pinhead.



Don’t get me wrong, I prefer to read LC more than ROF

It’s just cringe-worthy to see a story here a few hours/ days after ROF has posted it.
And it’s not once… Twice… It’s ALL the time

I feel LC have so much potential but they sometimes lack originality. It looks desperate.



Publications constantly take stories from each other. Have you ever read a newspaper or even the wider legal press for that matter?



Thank you!!! I hate ROF’s lay out it’s so grim 😷🤧🤧🤧



Stealing the story around an hour or so after ROF is so blatant its painful.



Greetings newshounds…is it definite that this proud mum does have a law student for a child, or is it a bit of fun !


ROF suck

Just gone on ur website for the first time having seen the comments. One thing is for sure, thank god LC didn’t borrow ur layout.



Hi Tommy, what a creative nickname you got there.



Who the HELL Is ROF?


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