Law student’s embarrassing mum bids to land him Freshfields vac scheme


A law student’s mum has raised eyebrows after tweeting a magic circle law firm to ask them why they hadn’t approached her son about next year’s vacation scheme.

On Monday, the embarrassing mum, who describes herself in her Twitter bio as “Proud Mummy to my gorgeous son who is studying Law”, publicly enquired as to when Freshfields “will be emailing students regarding next years vacation scheme”, adding “my son was told it would be in July”.

The mum has form in this department. In June she tweeted Citadel Chambers barrister Rupert Jones asking if he could offer her son some work experience.

Perhaps wisely, the mum has now made her tweets private. Before she was able to do this, the legal blog RollOnFriday spent some time trawling through her Twitter posts to unearth previous tweets from a year ago in which the mum lambasted various local newspapers for not reporting on her son’s schools’ A-level results.

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