Exclusive: London law firm says it’s the victim of ‘spoof’ ad seeking ‘pretty lawyer’ to impress clients

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Bloomsbury Law Solicitors has launched an investigation

A London law firm has said it’s been wrongly linked to a “spoof” job advertisement seeking a “pretty lawyer to impress Asian clients”, Legal Cheek can reveal. Bloomsbury Law Solicitors denies any knowledge of the ad and says it has launched an investigation.

The job listing, which appeared on the social media site’s ‘LONDON MODELS’ group earlier this month, states that a “reputable law firm” is looking to recruit an Indian or Middle Eastern model with a law degree.

The ad (screenshot below) — which was posted by a Facebook user who Legal Cheek has chosen not to name — reassures potential applicants that it’s a “legit position and nothing sleazy”. It now appears to have been deleted.

Screenshot taken from LONDON MODELS Facebook group

Though the advert does not reveal the identity of the firm, Legal Cheek has been handed copies of Facebook messages, one of which is pictured below, purportedly sent by the author of the ad to one job hunter. These messages claim that the position is with West London outfit Bloomsbury Law.

A spokesperson for Bloomsbury Law Solicitors told us:

“First and foremost, we do not advertise on Facebook and we have no such vacancy. This advert is a spoof which we believe has been posted with the intention to cause mischief in a malicious way.”

Legal Cheek reached out to the individual who posted the advert via Facebook and was promptly blocked. A spokesperson for the firm added it has no connection with this person whatsoever.

As to why Bloomsbury Law Solicitors seems to have been targeted in this way, perhaps an answer is to be found in its rather eye-catching Instagram account.

Regularly posting images of fast cars, plush houses and glamorous office socials, images (embedded above and below) are often accompanied by, among others, the hashtags “#legalbabes”, “#sexylawyers”, “#legallyblonde”, “#lawsofattraction”, “#babesofinstagram”, “#lawyerswag”, and more. Evidently, however, the publicity-shy Facebook user wrongly concluded that the firm would appreciate some unsolicited recruitment work.

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Legna & Lived

i see they only hire the top, attractive candidates and a guy (for diversity)

Rupert; a US Firm Associate

So Patrick, it is set in stone then… we are making our respective lateral moves now.

Instruct recruiters for both of us please. We are going to Bloomsbury law. US firms are overrated anyway.








Absolutely beautiful women.

Shame I sit next to fat Karen with photos of her cats and listen to complaints about her blood pressure.


Is your Karen related to my Shelley? She also does all of the above, and has recently returned from a gout surgery she describes in excruciating detail.


I bet most of you all are fugly in person. Fat Karen probably looks better than you. fact


You have couched your insult with a ‘probably’ and then claim it is a ‘fact’ (without using upper case following a full stop).

You may have looks but you definitely lack brains.


Sorry Karen xo

Jones Day Partner

I wonder if they would like a merger?

Frustrated Writer

It was dark by the time Tom came to. As he carefully lifted himself off the grimy Legal Cheek office floor his hand became trapped on something sticky. Looking down, he realised it was an ancient piece of discarded chewing gum. His stomach turned, and he heaved.

As he got unsteadily to his feet, Tom was still feeling groggy. What had happened? The last time he felt like this was when he woke up after the knee operation that prematurely ended his rugby career.

He lurched into the kitchen. Grabbing a piece of kitchen towel he wiped the dirt off the window and peered through. The sunlight was beginning to appear over the row of 1960s office blocks on the horizon, confirming that it was morning. Tom had spent the entire night on the floor.

He scrunched his face in effort as he tried to remember what had happened. The last thing he could remember was a story Jeremy had forwarded about a law firm advertising for a model. Jeremy was excited when he saw the models in the Instagram feed, and wanted Tom to see. Tom recalled that he had opened the link, and had browsed the pictures with interest. His fatal error was forgetting that Katie was in the office. A shadow appeared on Tom’s screen. He immediately realised his error. This was his second offence. He had skilfully avoided punishment form Katie after the adult actress incident, but this time he was not so fortunate. The next sound Tom heard was the swoop of a CMS branded pen holder coming down at speed towards his skull, followed by black.

Jones Day Equity Partner

Ah, my morning just got so much better…

*quietly locks office door*

*sits down in office chair, unzips fly*

Jones Day Trainee

This post has been removed because it breached Legal Cheek’s comments policy.

Jones Day Equity Partner

You’re…*voice straining, breathing heavily* re-lieeeeved….from…duty. Oh lawdy.

Jones Day Partner

Have you heard about the plans to introduce an open plan layout? I’ve always wanted to knock one out in front of an audience.


This post has been removed because it breached Legal Cheek’s comments policy.


Gross. The SRA needs to look into this.


Happy to handle the interviewing of these babes for any SRA enquiry on a pro bono basis.


Why? Nothing wrong going on. Some nice attractive young ladies having fun whilst working for a law firm. If you are referring to Jeanne’s slightly risque underwear pictures from her past career then get a grip. The pictures are fine and she should be proud of them and her body. Empowerment.

Jones Day Associate

I feel true empowerment too, right below the waistline.

St Harvey, guide me!


But where do you draw the line? If the male partner sends dick pictures to the young, attractive, delicious, melt-in-the-mouth paralegal-bods, is that too far?


Oh yea, I melt in your mouth girl, not in your hands.


This post has been removed because it breached Legal Cheek’s comments policy.

Jealous Associate

If you’d like to buy a memento from her ‘headshots’ to treasure here’s the link:


Similar to what she is wearing at that bar. Absolutely scrumptious.


Yes, clearly a full and thorough investigation is required. Lengthy interviews will be conducted and full photographic evidence collected.


Not surprised they want a model to impress Middle Eastern/Indian clients, they’re sleazier than a Jones Day partner at the annual Christmas party

Jones Day Partner

Noyce. Top quality bantz.


Not gonna lie, majorly jealous of the two guys in that photo surrounded by those worldy’s.

Dig Bick

Are we absolutely certain this ‘law firm’ isn’t just an extension of Brazzers, Inc.?

I mean, a bit of glamour is all good, but it just ain’t normal for a law firm IG account to give me such throbbing hardwood!


Who is operating that instagram? #sexylawyers #babesofinstagram Tier 1 for uncomfortable social media presence.

Harvey Weinstein

Happy to take over


Harvey, I watched Hateful Eight recently and it was really good.


This post has been removed because it breached Legal Cheek’s comments policy.


Shame on you. My sister works for this firm and believe you me it’s a reputable as you will ever get. Hardworking, career driven and to be honest stop hating these beautiful pretty girls and
Get to a gym 👌

John Terry

This post has been removed because it breached Legal Cheek’s comments policy.


Ngl, they are pretty fit; realistically, and beside the moral point, who wants to see ‘munters’ for lawyers… I prefer Icandy


I joined the labour party for the chicks so I am really happy that our glorious leader is taking a stand against abuse finally and has categorically condemned all those momentum trots who hounded the beautiful angela eagle out of the business


I’m inclined to think that the law firm is not being honest. Especially given the inacurate information/ lies they have elsewhere on their website. For instance, among other many things, they claim that one of their solicitors qualified from a “City firm”, when she actually qualified from a small firm and virtually unknown in the West End. That’s quite a leap.


Of course Bloomsbury are behind this.. A few years ago, they requested that prospective paralegas and trainees send a “recent passport size photo” of themselves. Which law firm or company even does that?!

Link to this here:


The thumbs down is obviously from someone at the firm ahahahha.

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