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Exclusive: London law firm says it’s the victim of ‘spoof’ ad seeking ‘pretty lawyer’ to impress clients

Bloomsbury Law Solicitors has launched an investigation

A London law firm has said it’s been wrongly linked to a “spoof” job advertisement seeking a “pretty lawyer to impress Asian clients”, Legal Cheek can reveal. Bloomsbury Law Solicitors denies any knowledge of the ad and says it has launched an investigation.

The job listing, which appeared on the social media site’s ‘LONDON MODELS’ group earlier this month, states that a “reputable law firm” is looking to recruit an Indian or Middle Eastern model with a law degree.

The ad (screenshot below) — which was posted by a Facebook user who Legal Cheek has chosen not to name — reassures potential applicants that it’s a “legit position and nothing sleazy”. It now appears to have been deleted.

Screenshot taken from LONDON MODELS Facebook group

Though the advert does not reveal the identity of the firm, Legal Cheek has been handed copies of Facebook messages, one of which is pictured below, purportedly sent by the author of the ad to one job hunter. These messages claim that the position is with West London outfit Bloomsbury Law.

A spokesperson for Bloomsbury Law Solicitors told us:

“First and foremost, we do not advertise on Facebook and we have no such vacancy. This advert is a spoof which we believe has been posted with the intention to cause mischief in a malicious way.”

Legal Cheek reached out to the individual who posted the advert via Facebook and was promptly blocked. A spokesperson for the firm added it has no connection with this person whatsoever.

As to why Bloomsbury Law Solicitors seems to have been targeted in this way, perhaps an answer is to be found in its rather eye-catching Instagram account.

Regularly posting images of fast cars, plush houses and glamorous office socials, images (embedded above and below) are often accompanied by, among others, the hashtags “#legalbabes”, “#sexylawyers”, “#legallyblonde”, “#lawsofattraction”, “#babesofinstagram”, “#lawyerswag”, and more. Evidently, however, the publicity-shy Facebook user wrongly concluded that the firm would appreciate some unsolicited recruitment work.