PhD law student SUES Queen’s University Belfast for ‘catalogue of failings’ including disability discrimination

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Exclusive: Law school instructs international law firm, claimant represents himself

A law graduate studying for his PhD in Northern Ireland has taken Queen’s University Belfast (QUB) to court alleging, among other things, disability discrimination, Legal Cheek can reveal.

Claimant Christopher Mallon has a masters degree from the university and is researching credit rating agencies in the EU. He was, until April, a teaching associate at the law school.

Mallon — who has an anxiety disorder, arthritis and Crohn’s disease — claims that a “catalogue of failings” at the law school led to his alleged constructive dismissal from his teaching post.

Allegations include that the university denied him the opportunity to move to part-time study to look after his sick mother without losing his course funding. He also alleges disability discrimination and failure to pay minimum wage. He claims this treatment caused “significant mental and physical damage”.

Legal Cheek has been in touch with University of Manchester graduate Mallon; he has declined to comment because the legal proceedings are ongoing.

This case has an Uber-esque element to it, given its consideration of whether Mallon is a worker, an employee or an independent contractor. Mallon is claiming employee status, which would confer on him all the rights associated with this status.

The aspiring legal academic’s case had its first spell in the Industrial Tribunals and Fair Employment Tribunal, Belfast, yesterday. A full hearing is expected to take place early next year.

QUB has declined to issue a comment because proceedings are ongoing. Legal representation-wise, City outfit Pinsent Masons has told Legal Cheek:

We can confirm that Pinsent Masons is advising Queen’s University Belfast in relation to the case CMD Mallon v Queen’s University Belfast.

Mallon is representing himself, though he is keen to find a lawyer who might be able to help him out.

UPDATE: 8:18pm — Tuesday 3 October

Mallon has told Legal Cheek that he has now secured legal assistance.

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student solidarity

Always quite sad for the student when things go wrong. It would seem that the university has a case to answer and it will be interesting to see what the specifics of this case are.



Arthritis and Crohn’s disease I can understand, but accommodation from your employer for anxiety disorder?

This post has been moderated because it breached Legal Cheek’s comments policy.



Non-disabled person thinks a disability is not a problem because it’s not a problem for him shocker.



“Anxiety disorder” is another disease invented as a rationalisation for prescribing people pills for their unhappiness



I take it your a person that lives in care bear land






“Uber-esque … ” that’s a desperate link Katie



not really….. she does explain in the next sentence why she uses it….



Uber just not really relevant, it’s a tenuous connection. But Katie seems to have included it because Uber have been in the news recently.






Sounds very familiar! I’m in a similar situation myself. With plenty of evidence to back me up. Some universities are just about the money. In my case a catalogue of failings plus the fact they begged me to give them a chance to put it all right, they strung me along for months and did the opposite at the end and they used my disability against me which has now forced me to take action against them. The only way they will feel consequences is financially.



“Legal Cheek has been in touch with University of Manchester graduate Mallon;”

Typo? The article says he was a student at Queen’s University Belfast.


Katie King



Chas Scoobs

….failing law student blames someone else for his failings…..nothing new there then….


Ciaran Goggins

He won’t be going for P Company selection then?



im not sure about the “newsworthiness” of this story… just not sure… slight intended whatsoever at KK who is accomplished and an excellent writer….. it is more to do with the subject matter of the story….

what makes me uneasy is that this is about an individual student, an actual person…..i think that reporting exposes the individual to perhaps unwanted negative attention, particularly in the comments which sometimes turns into a vicious feeding frenzy……

i imagine the primary trouble the individual student is having is with the university….. it is a bit bad to make this even worse with secondary trouble in the form of insults and barbs….. why make a crap situation extra stressful?

its a public listed hearing so some info is already about…. but there is a lot to be said for not attracting attention to yourself or communicating with ANY news outlet, keeping a stoic silence….



i guess the point i was trying to make was that it makes me feel uncomfortable when stories focus on specific individuals (no matter how “morally blameworthy” they appear) – only because of the inevitable firestorm of comments that follow …. it cannot be good for the individual concerned and it would be my respectful request to LC that they do stories on issues and not indivduals



This post has been removed because it breached Legal Cheek’s comments policy.


World ( Mental) Health Organisation

At last, I get to read one of Trumpenkrieg’s posts.
Nothing worthy of removing. He’s just clinically wrong.
LC. Please stop removing his posts and Iami Rastafari’s, whose posts are entirely innocuous.



Iami rastafari is an excellent writer imo. Hear hear to keeping his posts.



Katie is almost ready to write for the defunct News of the World. They used inflammatory headlines and incorrect information too.


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