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Is dating a trainee I met at a law fair a recipe for disaster?

He works at my dream firm

In the latest instalment in our Career Conundrums series, one wannabe lawyer is torn between her head and her heart.

I have a massive problem LC. I am a law student and have met this guy. The problem is that he’s a trainee at a City firm and I met him at my university law fair. To further complicate matters he is at my dream firm. Having exchanged numbers we have been messaging non-stop over the last week. He has now invited me to London to spend time with him and meet some of his colleagues.

I might be overthinking this, but my concern is if (and that’s a big if) we start dating seriously could this jeopardise my chances of getting a place at the firm? What happens if we break up? For example, what’s to stop him bad-mouthing me to other lawyers at the firm. Alternatively, if we are still together, do City firms frown upon work relationships? Please help!

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