Formal warning for judge who used ‘inappropriate language’ at event

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Slap on wrist for Judge Boora

A circuit judge has been issued a formal warning for his use of “inappropriate language” at an event.

Judicial Conduct Investigations Office (JCIO) confirmed His Honour Judge Jinder Singh Boora, a judge on the Northern Circuit, had attended the unnamed event in a “private capacity”, but did not disclose any further details.

In a statement the JCIO said: “The Lord Chancellor and Lord Chief Justice concluded that his conduct had the potential to undermine the reputation of the judiciary.”

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Judge Boora was called to bar in 1990 and appointed a deputy district judge in 2004. He was elevated to the role of district judge in 2014 before becoming a circuit judge two years later in 2016.

The JCIO issued Judge Patricia Lynch with “informal advice” when, in 2017, she called an abusive defendant “a bit of c**t”. The sweary judge, who later apologised for her remarks, was advised to respond “appropriately to parties in court at all times”.

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What did they actually say?



Probably something 100% true or something that might have mildly offended someone. Those in the wrong and the thin-skinned have the trump cards now to silence free speech. Just moan a bit, alleged offence, harassment or some sort of inane snowflake invented protected class and you are home and dry to shut anyone up who you do not agree with.


Just me

Oh please! He attended in a “private capacity”!


DWF trainee

Yes, but members of the legal profession must behave with the utmost measure of decorum at all times, lest their personal lives bring the profession into disrepute. The SRA are draconian in their punishments so watch out.


DWF Trainee's boss

Get with the times! The public perception of lawyers isn’t great so let’s just call a spade a spade and be done with it. We can defend people’s opinions but we’re not entitled to our own opinion in a personal capacity -pplllleeeassse!



I don’t think you are allowed to call a spade a spade nowadays. It can trigger some snowflakes. What is offensive depends on the warped subjective reaction of the thin skinned and heaven forbid anyone is ever allowed to offend the easily offended.



Perhaps so, but the SRA plainly have no jurisdiction over this individual now, nor ever did.


Peter Kay

Cover up


Mr Pineapples

It was probably something along the lines of ‘a man who self identifies as a woman is still a man’.

Older people have to be careful about voicing opinions that, even a few years ago, were considered ‘mainstream’ and may even now be held by the majority of non-professionals.

Many of these views are not now deemed ‘worthy of respect in a democratic society’, y’know!



“A birth certificate is a document of historical fact, not a work of fiction.” That gets you censured nowadays too.



A judge said something that others considered inappropriate. No we are not going to tell you what it was. He has since been told off.
How is this news?


Not a judge

What on earth does Judge Lynch’s comment have to do with this case?


Shot in the dark

Another example of a judge using ‘inappropriate language’ perhaps?



Not everything with four legs is a horse.


Noone has made the obvious pun

The judge is a real Boor(a).


Legal Cheek’s First Cybernat #SNP #IndyRef2020 #ImWithNicola #UncageScotland #VoteYes2020


Would it surprise anyone to know that I’m actually a top silk at Essex Court?


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