‘Frustrated’ judge issued formal advice for shouting at barrister

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Apologised for ‘isolated incident’

A “frustrated” judge has been issued with formal advice for shouting at a barrister during a hearing.

The Judicial Conduct Investigations Office (JCIO) said the “brief, isolated incident” occurred during a “difficult time” in Judge Andrew Shaw’s personal life.

In reaching their decision, the Lord Chancellor and Lord Chief Justice took into account that he had “some cause to be frustrated” and had apologised to counsel.

The JCIO statement also notes that “other allegations against the judge were not substantiated”.

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Legal Cheek reported earlier this year that a judge had been issued with a formal warning for using inappropriate language at an event attended in a private capacity. The Lord Chancellor and Lord Chief Justice concluded that Judge Jinder Singh Boora’s conduct “had the potential to undermine the reputation of the judiciary”.

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Of course, a “brief, isolated incident” during a “difficult time” in a junior solicitor’s personal life would mean an immediate striking off the roll



Ha ha another standup comedian. If that were true, there would be no solicitors on the roll



Spots on


Trainee solicitor

Wow. Then there’s us getting struck off for sneezing wrong


Spam Gammon

Is that supposed to be a euphemism for dishonesty? Because that’s pretty much the only reason solicitors or trainees get struck off. Which is fair, really.


Stuart Whitwam

Sneezing “Wrongly ” as this is an Adverb describing the situation of the sneeze, if you are intending to comment on a situation, please use correct English grammar! No! I am not a legally minded person, just a Pedant.



It’s obvious you’re not legally minded.



Fucking hell Stuart! If you’re such a pedant you should at least put capital letters where they ought to be and use commas with a little more finesse.



Pedant should have a lower case ‘p’ as it isn’t a noun.



‘ .
Nov 11 2020 10:45am
Of course, a “brief, isolated incident” during a “difficult time” in a junior solicitor’s personal life would mean an immediate striking off the roll’

Daft comment. A brief, isolated incident of dishonesty may well justify striking off. I very much doubt a junior solicitor would get struck off for shouting at someone.



This is very common. Try being a LiP.



Would rather not….



Try being a PiMP








Kim Wexler

Smoothing over the inadequacies of a true judicial second-rater. How do these people get there. Isolated incident my a….!



Don’t blame you the way judges treat them.


Arthur Sleep

Judges are often rude. Need to get a reality check. Their only job is to make decision and for that they’ve got an ego the size of a house half the time.

A lot of them are also completely talentless. Plenty of more talented people than a man in a suit making a decision.



Most judges in the lower courts are crap. They wouldn’t know justice if it kicked them up the arse.



Going to court is a DJ lottery but for many litigants in person it’s the only way. Most unbelievable recent case is the double amputee veteran who was taken to court for parking in a disabled space while his badge was being renewed.

I cannot understand how the judge found in favour of the PPC. This decision should have been a judgmental decision and not a box ticking exercise.



Yep, sadly the majority of DJs and DDJs are crap.



Recall a DDJ called security when her jug was used to pour a glass of water at a hearing. Seemed long after the event she remembered she had been in fear of a reaction when the claimant’s representative asked if they could have a glass of water, avoiding a finding she acted wrongly! Funny old world when a DDJ is always out of their depth when submissions tax their comprehension.



Andrew Shaw is a bloody good judge, that’s fact. He is highly regarded and very supportive, appreciating the challenges faced by the criminal bar. If I was being irritating in his court I’d have no problem him shouting at me, I should know better. They don’t suffer fools up at Norwich but know your brief, know your law and you’ll be treated very well.



Hello Judge


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