London Election Day: Full List of Lawyer Candidates, Including The Fisher Meredith Partner Standing For UKIP

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Last week, I wrote a piece for The Guardian profiling three of the lawyers vying for glory at today’s London Assembly Elections.

Conservative candidate Suella Fernandes of No5 Chambers, UKIP’s Steven Woolfe (general counsel of recently shut hedge fund Boyer Allan Investment Management) and Nick Wrack of Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (and Tooks Chambers) shattered my preconceptions of politicians by coming across as genuine and nice.

As for the rest of them. Well, who knows? But here’s the full list of legal wannabes up for election, including a top family law partner at Fisher Meredith standing for UKIP and a couple of lawyers who have decided to keep quiet about where they work. Let me know if I’ve missed anyone…

Lib Dem

Merlene Emerson – ex-Norton Rose trainee

Richard Macmillan – associate in the employment team at Russell Jones Walker


Elizabeth Jones – partner in the family team at Fisher Meredith

Paul Oakley – barrister at 1 Essex Court

Steven Woolfe – ex-general counsel of Boyer Allan Investment Management

Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition

Nick Wrack – barrister at Tooks Chambers


Andrew Dismore – ex-partner at Russell Jones & Walker

Todd Foreman – in-house securities lawyer in the City, doesn’t say where and nothing listed online. Could it be a rather un-Labour like institution?


Roger Evans – barrister at Harcourt Chambers

Sachin Rajput
– criminal barrister, doesn’t say where and nothing listed online.

Suella Fernandes – barrister at No5 Chambers


No Hiding

Rather un-Labour like institution? Yes, I suppose JP Morgan is rather un-Labour like!


Roger Evans

I am the member for Havering and Redbridge, but I am not the Roger Evans you link to above…

He was the MP for Monmouth from 1992 to 1997 and served as a minister in John Major’s government.

However I have been out of the law for 12 years, since I was first elected to City Hall, where I am a full time politician.

My legal training has really helped in my political role, giving me an understanding of the legislative process and important concepts like natural justice. I am not surprised that there is so much crossover between politics and law, because the skill sets they require are so similar.


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