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SQE Preparation

Prepare to take the plunge into SQE with revision tips and assessment advice, a taster lesson and sample SQE1 single best answer questions — in partnership with The University of Law

SQE Preparation

SQE Employability

Qualifying Work Experience (QWE) under the new SQE regime has opened up new ways to qualify as a solicitor — but how can you take advantage of this? BARBRI provides a handy guide

SQE Employability

SQE Editorial

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My reflections on SQE1

Mikaela Hristova, future trainee solicitor at Stephenson Harwood and current BPP SQE student, discusses her exam experience

6 days ago
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‘I’m studying the SQE as a non-law student working part-time – this is how it’s going’

Future trainee Madelaine Moss shares her SQE journey

Mar 18 2024 10:08am
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How to make the SQE work for you

We talk solicitor assessments with Caroline Rayson, BPP’s SQE1 Award Leader

Feb 13 2024 8:46am

SQE Video

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Full video: The SQE assessments – a deep dive

SQE trainee and BPP’s Head of Outreach reflect on lessons so far

Dec 21 2023 7:44am
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Full video: How to choose an SQE preparation course

BPP tutors and students discuss the different factors to bear in mind

Jul 14 2023 3:05pm
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Full video: QWE: the truth, the myths and the plan

Experts from BPP, TLT and Accutrainee come together to shed light on Qualifying Work Experience

Jun 6 2023 10:27am

SQE News

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EXCLUSIVE: Students who had TCs cancelled among those hit by Kaplan SQE blunder

Told they’d failed SQE1 when actually they'd passed

4 hours ago
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SQE1 pass rate climbs slightly amid marking error backlash

56% successfully navigated latest sitting

7 hours ago