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Christine was the first in her family to go to university and one of the first in her school to go to Oxbridge! Her original aspirations were to be a commercial chancery barrister but she had to take on a temporary paralegal role at Ashurst following graduation (for financial reasons!) which resultantly led to a permanent paralegal role!
After having already completed her BVC and doing two years paralegal work (with contentious experience) she applied to the Law Society to qualify as a solicitor without a training contract (via equivalent means!).
Christine went on to do a few secondments and additional roles and worked in both banks and law firms. Following her role at Goldman Sachs, she took the big risk of taking a role as legal counsel at a start up company. Now Christine works as a General Counsel at Secret Escapes!
Christine is a great example of how not securing a training contract is not the end of the world! There are a number of other routes to qualification which are just as credible and can lead to some amazing opportunities!
Christine shares some invaluable advice to aspiring lawyers in her article with the lawyer (!
Did you find Christine’s story inspiring?!
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If you’re thinking about going down the Solicitors Qualifying Route (SQE) route in the next year, you’ll want to take a look at u_law’s study manuals 📚

They have been specially collated to focus on the Law area of the SRA syllabus for SQE1 in a concise and tightly focused manner!

Take a look with the link in our bio - bookstagram photos are optional!

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We’ve got our hands on a full set of the u_law SQE manuals! 🙌 For those of you looking to take the SQE route from next month, you’ll want to look at these study manuals which are designed to help you successfully prepare for the SQE1 exams 📚

Find out more with the link in our bio!

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Did you know that the coronavirus pandemic has not caused any delay to the introduction of the new Solicitors Qualifying Exam (SQE)?
This week’s Feature is your update on everything we know about the SQE so far.
Find out about the syllabus, the format of the exams, costs, and what law firms, universities and law schools are doing.
Link in our bio!🔗
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It’s our first G I V E A W A Y of 2022! 🥳🥳

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• Revise SQE The legal system and services of England and Wales; and
• Revise SQE Trusts law.

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Special thanks to revisesqe for sending us these copies!

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Feeling confused about the difference between the brand new SQE vs the traditional Training Contract route? 🤔

We're here to help! Here's a quick run-down of the key differences between the two, from work experience and study requirements to how competencies are assessed.

There are plenty more helpful resources on our website, including our SQE journal!

👉 Check the links in our bio!

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It’s been a shaky start to the SQE for me. A manic work week, and graduation meant that I didn’t have time to make a good start on the 16 (!) assignments that were set 📚

However, I’ve more than made up for that this weekend! 😅

Here are my main take always from the first week of the SQE 👩🏻‍🎓:

✨ The PSP (Personal Study Plan) is a lifesaver! It’s a personal to do list, with the work set out for each week, to keep you on track.

✨ The course is made up of intense, shorter piece of work. What you may read/cover in detail in 2 hours is condensed into 30 min intervals.

✨ It’s a totally new way of learning! Something I need to get used to this year 🤓

✨ I’m really enjoying covering topics that featured on my LLB, but not sure how I will feel when I have new topics delivered in such an intense way! 😬

✨ The BARBRI website is extremely well organised, and the materials are specific and helpful. Very user friendly, I’m really impressed! (Even if my books haven’t arrived yet) ✔️

✨The workload is heavy but manageable, if you stick to the hours needed to study, and follow your plan, it will be fine 💪🏻

✨Constant testing retesting of what you have learned, during and after lectures helps to reinforce the information. Getting things wrong is actually more beneficial than getting them right at this point, you won’t forget the answers this way! 📝

✨ The content is extremely exam focused, the aim is to understand all of the information, what is expected of you in the exam, and to excel at this new way of testing 👩🏻‍⚖️

Overall, I am feeling really happy, the most motivated I have been in a long time, and ready for the challenge! It’s going to be hard at times but so worth it, and I’m really impressed with my experience so far 🤩

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