About Legal Cheek

Legal news, insider insight and careers advice.

Legal Cheek was founded in 2011 by Alex Aldridge, formerly a journalist for The Guardian and Legal Week. It has grown to become the UK’s leading news source for junior lawyers and law students, and has been described by The Sunday Times as “Popbitch for lawyers” and The Telegraph as an “irreverent, must-read tabloid law website”.

Alex Aldridge

Alex Aldridge is the founder and publisher of Legal Cheek, who also contributes as a regular blogger. Previously he was a columnist writing about law and education for The Guardian, associate editor of Legal Week and a writer for Times Online.


Thomas Connelly

Thomas Connelly is Legal Cheek’s editor. Having completed the BPTC at Northumbria University in 2012 he practised as a County Court advocate for a year before joining Legal Cheek in 2013.


Aishah Hussain

Aishah Hussain is the Features Editor at Legal Cheek. She read law at SOAS, University of London, before joining Legal Cheek in January 2018. She edits and manages the Legal Cheek Journal.


Adam Mawardi

Adam Mawardi is a junior reporter (video, editorial, events) at Legal Cheek. He studied law at Keele and Exeter before joining Legal Cheek in July 2018.