Aston Carter Claims BPP Law School Described Its Pay-To-Be-A-Paralegal Scheme As ‘Novel And Inspiring’

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Last month, Legal Cheek exclusively revealed that Aston Carter Solicitors was asking law graduates to self-fund a very expensive paralegal course in order to be considered for a training contract with them.

Over the weekend, the firm’s senior partner, Henry Telewa, posted a response to the story.

In it, he claimed that Alison Wells, director of LPC programmes at BPP Law School, had described Aston Carter’s new training scheme as “a novel and inspiring idea” and had suggested that the firm consider a bespoke Aston Carter LPC.

However, Telewa added that BPP has since had a change of heart:

“For reasons best known to them in a rather unexpected move, they later declined our proposal to deliver a tailor-made LPC to the employees of Aston Carter Solicitors,” he wrote.

Telewa’s open letter makes for interesting reading.

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I can scarcely believe that anyone would be sucked in by this. It feels like a great big XXXX.

If I was a prospective client reading that tosh on their website I would steer well clear.

I feel very sorry that this man seeks to take advantage of those law graduates who would be desperate or naiive enough to get involved with that XXXX.

Is it me or are the comments in reply to your other article saying what a great experience they had of Aston Carter in a similar voice to that rambling open letter?

I think this is a (not so ellaborate) XXXX.


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