Lawyers sued for not advising woman that divorce would end her marriage

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An appeal of the dismissal of a professional negligence claim against several London divorce lawyers contains an eye-catching paragraph…in which it is revealed that the claimant sued because, amongst other things, the lawyers failed to advise her that divorce would mean the end of her marriage…


The full transcript of the Court of Appeal case, which upheld the previous decision of Liverpool County Court, is here, courtesy of Bailii.

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I think if you read the judgment carefully you will see that she was an Aspergers Syndrome sufferer, a condition on the autism spectrum. Not so funny now, is it.


Ian Betteridge

Actually, if you read the judgement carefully, she had aspergers which was not diagnosed at the time of the case, and which had not prevented her from running her own business or raising three kids perfectly well. The idea that her aspergers somehow prevented her from understanding what a divorce meant is absurd – and, to be honest, pretty insulting to people with aspergers.


Lord Rufus

Indeed I totally agree. I have a son with Aspergers (and think I have it myself to a degree though have never been diagnosed )sadly he makes many social errors and in these days of extreme political correctness has been interviewed a few times by the police who always dismiss the fact he has Aspergers as being a reason for his behaviour.



Assburgers is a made up disease so no I don’t feel bad for her. Back in the day people used to own their social awkwardness, now it’s assburgers? Get a clue



It’s still hilarious. It’s even more hilarious that you think people with Aspergers Syndrome are mentally deficient or stupid. How dare you insult the intelligence of the average Aspergers sufferer. They are just as smart as normal people.



Actually your comment made me lol



Aspie here- this is incredibly insulting. Aspergers doesn’t mean someone is mentally disabled- it is more of a social-effective condition than a “I am not intelligent enough to know that ending my marriage means ending my marriage”. Do some research before you perpetuate harmful stereotypes.



No, its still pretty funny.



Actually it’s still pretty funny.



No, still pretty fucking hilarious even if she’s an aspie.



No, it’s even funnier. Now STFU



my brother who is diagnosed with Asperger’s was the one who told me about this story and he thought this woman was a dumbass too.



Regardless of here aspergers if you ask a divorce lawyer for a divorce that is what he will give you. In the same way if you go to a airport and say you want a flight to New York you cannot sue the airline for not telling you that you will have to leave the UK to get there – aspergers or not.



I know a number of people with aspergers, most of them are incredibly intelligent.


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