8 reasons that lawyers are like condoms

“It’s the fruity ones which are the most fun? No, wait…”


Legal message board RollOnFriday — the beloved haunt of laddish City law firm partners who should probably know better — spent last week in the fevered grip of a discussion about the parallels between members of the legal profession and…condoms.

Here are eight of the most memorable comments…

1. Lawyers and condoms are both required at certain key moments.


2. When the moment has passed, they are bade an unsentimental farewell.


3. Lawyers and condoms have traditionally failed to inspire affection.


4. Lawyers and condoms have both been known to go a long time without sex.


5. When lawyers and condoms are forfeited, the consequences can be very serious.


6. After a quick shower, lawyers and condoms are ready to go again.


7. There is a strong culture of fruitiness that pervades both the legal profession and the condom industry.


8. So, to conclude…


Lawyers are like condoms [RollOnFriday]

3 Responses to “8 reasons that lawyers are like condoms”

  1. dave

    1. The best ones work at night and day?
    2. They find a home in your wallet?
    3. No one likes ones that are too thick?

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