Career ‘tragedy’ for junior barrister as he’s jailed for conspiracy to supply cocaine

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Rookie criminal lawyer sent to slammer for over three years


A junior criminal barrister has been jailed for conspiracy to supply a Class A substance, with the sentencing judge lamenting the loss of the rookie’s legal career as he caged him for over three years.

Omar Khan (pictured above) — who was called to the bar in 2009 before going on to qualify as a solicitor in 2012 — was sent down for 40 months on Friday at Nottingham Crown Court for his involvement in the drugs plan, which saw police apparently recover 1kg of cocaine.

Charged and remanded in custody in December 2015, Khan spent Christmas at Her Majesty’s pleasure awaiting trial. At the time of the arrest he was a solicitor at the Midlands office of criminal law outfit The Johnson Partnership.

Appearing at Nottingham Crown Court via video-link last month, Khan pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy to supply a Class A substance.

Speaking to Legal Cheek at the time of of Khan’s arrest, Digby Johnson, a partner at The Johnson Partnership, said:

This was not the goodbye present we were hoping for. I am devastated for both Omar and the firm. One minute I thought he was going to Huddersfield, the next the police showed up at the office to search his table. I suppose you’ll now find him in F Wing at Nottingham Prison.

In the aftermath of Khan’s sentencing, Johnson fired this warning to lawyers in an interview with the Nottingham Post:

It is a very salutary reminder for anyone involved in the law that a fall from grace can be a very catastrophic thing to happen. He was someone you thought you knew reasonably well. But you had someone there who has something going on that you did not know about — something that was so devastating.

Judge Michael Stokes QC had a similar take, telling Khan, whose legal career is now surely over, that his case was “a tragedy”.


Obscurus 169

Difficult to accurately describe him as a “junior barrister” when he had qualified as, and was practising as, a solicitor in a law firm. Do barristers really make for a more sensational blog headline than solicitors?









How is he a “junior criminal barrister” if he “cross qualified” as a solicitor?

One can’t practice as both and misleading for a practising solicitor to say s/he’s a barrister



When does someone stop being a “rookie”? This guy was called one three times although he has been qualified for 7 years as a lawyer!



That makes him a “top lawyer” by Legal Cheek standards



It’s not to do with how long he’s been qualified: “Junior” means not a QC. Barristers are often grouped in to “junior (under 7 years call)”, “junior (over 7 years)”, and “senior”.



You haven’t been around here for long, have you…?



I don’t understand your point.



Actually, the above are right, and I take back what I said. He’s not a “junior criminal barrister” because he’s now a solicitor. It’s nothing to do with whether or not he’s a QC. And he’s not a “rookie” because he’s been qualified seven years.



Love how legal cheek commentators more upset by the titles given to him rather than the whole Class-A dealer bit.



No need to kick a man when he’s down.

This website though is always good for a few cheap shots.



Reporting the news is a cheap shot?


Rookie barrister

Hey guys, can’t believe it but it’s been 100 days since I was called! You know what happens on day 101! That’s right, I become a top barrister!



I am absolutely disgusted and disgraced with you OMAR KHAN, you did not even think of your mother before doing such an act and let all your family and friends down. Its a shame that a first class student of law and you have cheated everyone in this field. Shame on you!



Lawyers, barristers, etc. A high percentage have naughty secrets…



What about his license?


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