Brexit poll: 57% of lawyers want Britain to REMAIN in the EU

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The biggest stay vote came from lawyers in Scotland


With the EU referendum less than a month away, a new Brexit poll has suggested that more than half of lawyers want Britain to remain part of the European Union.

From over 500 legal professionals questioned — including 300 lawyers — 57% said they would back Cameron and co, and vote remain on the 24 June. This represented nearly 62% of those who had already decided how they would be voting.

According to the poll — undertaken by legal recruitment specialists Douglas Scott — the biggest stay vote came from legal professionals up in Scotland, with a whopping 91% voting remain. This was followed by 77% in the South-West of England, and 66% in London.

In contrast, 67% of legal professionals based in Wales were pro-Brexit. However, overall just 35% of those questioned backed Boris and the leave campaign, with 7% still undecided and 1% saying they couldn’t care less what happens next month.

Douglas Scott’s managing director Kathryn Riley believes the poll provides an early indicator into how the referendum debate is shaping up. She said:

I will be voting to stay in the EU as I think it makes sense on a personal and commercial level. However, it would be wrong to underestimate the depth of underlying dissatisfaction that exists in the electorate. The outcome of the referendum is not as cut and dried as some people think.

Just last week the Supreme Court refused to hear an emergency case about whether British expats who have lived abroad from more than 15 years can vote in the upcoming EU referendum.

Leading the legal challenge was White & Case EU specialist Jacquelyn MacLennan. Born in Scotland — but having lived abroad for the past 29 years — MacLennan was hoping to successfully challenge the 15 year cut-off point.

Unfortunately for the top lawyer, the court didn’t agree and ruled unanimously that the EU Referendum Act 2015 didn’t fall within the scope of EU law.


Boh Dear

I think we should leave the EU because everyone’s lives will miraculously improve and all the naughty immigrants will magically disappear.



It’s true, Boris Johnson said so!



It’s one of the absurdities of the referendum that so many Scots want their ‘independence’ yet are desperate to remain in the EU.



Yes, it would appear that Scotland (and even Wales) would rush for EU membership. They gain a lot of EU funds as many areas are seen as being of the need by the EU.

Let’s see…



57% is still very close.



No it isn’t, it would be a landslide.



If 55% was enough to settle the Scottish referendum debate for a generation what do you think 57% for remain would do?



Enter Nicola…



I don’t even know why we are allowed to make such choices on complex economic issues beyond most people’s understanding. The electorate are easily swayed by sensationalism and emotive arguements and I don’t trust them at all.


Edward Bernays

And that is why democracy is an illusion.


Boris J Smith

Me either …. I think we should simply trust all of the clever people to decide for us bumpkins.


Boris J Smith

Just glad I got my postal vote in already …. now I can switch off the telly/internet/phone/twitter/f-book/Linkedin and pray the rest of you know what you’re about!


Not Amused

And what percentage of total lawyers is 500?

Time to very quietly vote to leave.



You guys are anything but quiet.



Brexit will gain more than 50% in England, but the high Scottish Bremain vote (70%+) will keep us in, just. A divided UK.



Where did you hear that tosh! SNP view is not a true representation.


Boris J Smith

Listen Anon…. according to Mr Salmond and Ms Sturgeon, precisely 103.1743% of all Scotts believe in a Happy ‘JC Juncker’ Christmas .. so there!


Wannabe Capital QC


Then the government can get rid of the ECHR altogether and Gove can bring back hanging (as he’s on record as wanting to do).

Then we can make millions in Legal Aid for capital appeals!!!

Swing a ding ding! Think of the moolah!!!


Boris J Smith

Surely not a Lawyer thinking about their billable hours!!


Edward Bernays

Wisdom is wasted on the old! Majority of the youth are voting to stay and have no idea of what they are actually voting for! Just as the youth in the last referendum voted the same way and, now older, realise that they were mislead and now voting brexit. History repeats its self.



Johnson & Gove have stolen Farage’s clothes on immigration and are appealing strongly to the working/lower middle classes: the view outside the M25 is very different to the metropolitan/suburban elite weltanschaung that wealthy London lawyers favour.


Rastafarian Targaryen

“The outcome of the referendum is not as cut and dried as some people think.”

Is the referendum a ham?


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