Law student wheelchair user stands for first time in five years to collect his degree

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He hasn’t been able to walk since a serious car crash in 2011

A University of the West of England (UWE) graduand fulfilled his dream this week, standing up for the first time in five years as he collected his law degree.

Five years ago, Jerry Daliel was involved in a horror car crash that left him with severe head injuries and unable to walk. Writing on his LinkedIn page about the fallout from the accident, ex-police officer Daliel explained that he realised he had a passion for law and some time on his hands, so decided to enrol at the Bristol-based university.

He continued:

In 2015 I graduated with a BSc in Crime and Criminology from University of Portsmouth. During the Portsmouth graduation ceremony, I was not fit enough like the others to stand and receive the honour. However, during my fresher days at UWE, I had promised my classmates that I was going to work extra hard healthwise to be well enough to be honoured standing.

After three tough years, where overcame health problems and stress, Daliel honoured his promise. Met by a passionate standing ovation, he stood up in the Bristol Cathedral as he received his 2:1 degree.

The inspirational father of three is hoping to push on with his legal education. In September, he’s going on to study for a masters degree in advanced legal practice at the same university, and hopes to eventually become a solicitor.



Congrats to him.

On a side note, from the headline I expected to read that the Vice Chancellor of UWE had tried his hand at faith healing.



Quick! Someone ring DWP.



Congratulations 🙂 a brilliant achievement.

Thank you to legal cheek for leading with a positive story.



Did he have a claim with the police following his accident?



Pretty inspirational. Good luck to him.



Awww, this is nice.

For once, I’m not going to chat shit on KK article.



This guy should be considered an influential law student. Not Ted bloody Loveday.



Hear hear. Who cares about some hideous Oxbridge toff.



Bit harsh – he didn’t ask to receive it. He actually pointed out others are better qualified for the honour.



typo in first line. classy.






bitch where?



1) wheelchair users (as a community) do not like the term wheelchair-bound. Or confined to a wheelchair either. Please try to remember to use “wheelchair user” in the future.

2) disabled people are not inspiration porn. we don’t like being called inspirational or brave or any of that crap either.



Who made you spokesperson for everyone who uses a wheelchair? It’s a nice story, actually interesting and feel good, a rarity on this site. Until the subject himself objects, let’s just let it be.


1973 calling...

This post has been removed because it breached Legal Cheek’s comments policy.



No. Let’s not. The language is offensive. Let’s educate people who don’t know this.



Those people needing education being everyone except you then?



Now this is inspirational. What a positive article!



Well done lad.



Lad??? Lad???

He is a MAN!

This is like calling him “boy”, which is clearly RACIST!!!



Your logic is awful. Just grade A awful.

Calling someone lad is a typical Northern term and conveyed in a friendly manner. But nope, you want to immediately shoehorn a racism allegation.

Grow up nutter.






I threw out a line…

…and you bit on my hook!




No blud, you went off piste and failed – then turning to the cop out of playing it off as a joke. Shithouse.



“Wheelchair-bound” is considered an offensive term – wheelchair user” is more appropriate. Can this be changed, please? Perhaps “Law student who uses a wheelchair …”? The following is a helpful guide:


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