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Katie King and Tom Connelly discuss whether a career in law is still possible when you have a criminal past

In our latest live Facebook broadcast, Legal Cheek’s Katie King and Tom Connelly examine whether law breaking law students can still successfully forge a career in the legal profession.

This morning — in case you missed it — Legal Cheek brought you the news that an aspiring lawyer who had narrowly escaped a custodial sentence for assault could start his law degree.

Suspending Sherman Wright’s 11 month jail term for three years, District Judge Desmond Perry told him to “do something with his life”. So, putting his courtroom experience to good use, Wright has punted for a legal career.

Seizing the opportunity to open up the Legal Cheek archives, Katie and Tom take a look back at some of the more colourful law students to grace the site recent months.


Boh Dear

Love the t-shirt!



I suggested that in jest the other week, glad LC have a sense of humour!



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What a great tribute to the t-shirt!



I tried.



You won the internet today, Thomas.


Miserable bastard

Must’ve been an unremarkable day on the Internet then.



Sentence suspended for 3 years…you may want to check the accuracy of that reporting


The Lyle

Sally Clarke, solicitor, convicted of double murder, in one of the most horrendous miscarriages of justice of the 20th century, nae struck off.

3,000 cautions for riding a bicycle on a pavement , ended up a law lord.

Dinnae judge unless ye ken for tis the Woe of man that he disnae ken.

No mention of Una Singh?



This post has been removed because it breached Legal Cheek’s comments policy.





City trainee

The revamped Training Contract list with all the expanded firms’ profiles is such utter horsecock.

Who on Earth wrote all that puffery?! Not even my firm’s disfunctional HR team could make crap like that up.


Salary News Ltd.

Decent work on the revamp Alex & Co. (ignore the haterz), although I feel you’ve got the NQ salaries all muddled up.

If you visit the website Lex100 (for sake of reference), you’ll see that Clyde & Co. are actually on £63k, Skadden now pays £118k, Kirklands pay $180,000 (and thus this changes as the exchange rate fluctuates), CMS now pays £67.5k and Akin Gump is actually on £114k.

Also, I know this from a personal source that Miscons definitely do not pay £63k (more like £55k-ish) – where did you source that number?!



Talk about coming for UWE’s neck! FFS


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