Morning round-up

Morning round-up: Wednesday 28 September

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The morning’s top legal affairs news stories


Train fare dodging barrister Peter Barnett sacked from profession [Evening Standard]

BEANO: Brexit Existing As Name Only [Jack of Kent blog]

Pippa Middleton takes High Court action after ‘iCloud photos hacking’ [The Telegraph]

Labour promises manifesto pledge on legal aid [Law Society Gazette]

This man has raised over £145,000 and hired a team of lawyers to prosecute politicians who lied about Brexit [Business Insider]

Alton Towers owner fined £5m over Smiler rollercaster crash [The Guardian]

11-year-old boy becomes Britain’s youngest rapist [The Independent]

Global law firm Ashurst set to meet target of 300 Glasgow jobs [Herald Scotland]

How to become a projects lawyer — with Burges Salmon [Legal Cheek Hub]

“What is the purpose of such a conference — presumably if it’s only about case management, surely a junior can easily handle it?” [Legal Cheek comments]



Let’s go champ!



Corbyn Sympathiser


Lord Lyle of Psychopathia Sexualis

Due to politically incorrect early child hood cis-gender brainwashing, only males are accepted by society as capable of rape or sexually offences. The Guardian article below estimates that 20% of pedophiles are female. Eg: Cis Genders cannot accept that a nine year old girl could sexually assault or invaginate (ie rape) an adult man.

A case in mind is where a man charged with sexual assault of a nine year old claimed he did nothing and the girl did everything. The girl affirmed this, nevertheless the jury convicted and the judge’s sentencing remarks showed his Cis gender politically incorrect patriarchal bias “I accept you did nothing and this wanton child was both the instigator and perpetrator of the deed, but you affirmed her in her lasciviousness” – sorry can’t remember the citation – 1950s I think.


You missed the full stop, imposter.

Corbyn. Sympathiser.


Persistent Vegetative State

Involuntary Verbal Ejaculation



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