Legal Cheek talks… are trainees paid enough?

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The haves and the have nots

Law is a lucrative career, and it’s not just those who make it to the top that stand to earn big bucks.

In the City of London, some trainees are generously reimbursed (first years can pocket more than £40,000, second years £50,000). Yet, new research shows over a third of trainees are paid below the Law Society’s recommended minimum salary — how can this be?

Also, tune in for a quick rundown of the big legal affairs stories to look out for next week, including Lord Harley, Article 127 and the conclusion of the wheelchair vs pram saga.

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Of course trainees aren’t paid enough, apart from those in the top 20 firms
The disparity of wealth is becoming ridiculous


Jezza Corbyn made me do it




Cool story brah, changed my loyfe.



Please go see the Lord Harley appeal on Tuesday. The gift that keeps giving.



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what constitutes “enough”?


Lester Burnham, Esq.

Taken from LC’s profile of KWM (who paid for all of this puff crap):

“…2016 profits announcement delayed as partners recapitalised the firm as part of a “strategic plan to strengthen its EUME business”. The move comes after some fluctuating financial results over the last few years. KWM’s junior ranks have largely been insulated from this, as illustrated by the £6k pay rise the firm recently handed to London NQs – taking their salaries up to £70,000. Meanwhile, our sources tell us that this continues to be one of the busier firms, with a deal-driven culture that can mean long hours…”

Oh boy, that recapitalisation and pay rise sure worked wonders for them eh! LOL.
When are you planning to take this puff down LC?



Good vid


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