Security ramped up at King & Wood Mallesons as reporters attempt to access the building

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Staff on high alert


Security has been ramped up at King & Wood Mallesons’ (KWM) London office because journalists have been attempting to “access” the site without permission, an email claims.

Legal Cheek can reveal that the message was sent by the management team of another company situated within the same building as KWM. It warns its staff that security personnel “will be double checking all guests” after “reporters” tried to access the building to speak to the troubled giant’s staff.

Continuing, the email urges employees not to speak to legal hacks loitering outside the building — which is based in the heart of the City — during this “sensitive time”. A spokesperson for KWM declined to comment on this.

The news comes as KWM’s managing partner, Tim Bednall, confirmed that the firm’s bank would no longer be approving salary payments. Yesterday, in an internal memo to all staff, Bednall revealed that attempts to strike a deal with Barclays — which would hopefully see its employees get paid on a weekly basis — had failed.

And things seem to be going from bad to worse for the beleaguered outfit. No sooner had the firm notified the courts of its intention to appoint administrators for a second time than news broke the proposed administrators, AlixPartners, had pulled out. This was reportedly because of funding concerns. The firm has now instructed Quantuma — a Southampton-based restructuring specialist — as its administrator.

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Do they have money to pay the security teams?


Insider nous

Good question.



No point skulking around there for a TC Alex



The KWM email states: “A spokesperson for KWM declined to comment on this.” And then Tom writes: “A spokesperson for KWM declined to comment on this.” Are you surprised???



That email isn’t from KWM….



Alix coming off the ticket shows how dire this situation is…that can’t be a common occurrence in distressed circumstances?


KWM Trainee

F*cking LOL!

Every day that I come back to the office the situation just keeps getting worse and worse. Not only we’re outta bog roll, but today the coffee ran out on my floor and some folks got their computers locked up by the IT company. Most of us nowadays just surf porn on our iPhones.


Real KWM Trainee

Urgh urgh Trainee – not true. However, we are concerned that the security won’t turn up soon due to genuinely not being paid.

At which point we all “look forward” to having daily mail hacks come in. Let’s see if we have any spare tea bags to make them a brew. ‘Cos it’s gonna be a long discussion with them.

It terrible here – at least it won’t last long haha!



Legal Cheek – please could you spend time investigating/reporting which firms have actually recruited trainees (not those who have just said they are open to the idea).



“Legal Cheek” and “research” are two things which do not exist in harmony.



Their website tag still reads, “the global elite firm for the next century”.

Just lol.



I hear the partners are so skint they are having to resort to having “panty tea”



Are they selling on wringed-out seconds to Irwin Mitchell?



Why are people still turning up to work? Not being paid, so why go in?


Support staff

Because they are still holding out hope that they will be transferred out of the hell hole as part of one of the deals that has been ongoing interminably.

This post has been moderated because it breached Legal Cheek’s comments policy.


The Lawyer

Rage more plz, it gets us more readers & sweet sweet advertising revenue.


Support staff

You absolute tosser



don’t cry



What’s wrong with The Lawyer? Seems an odd target for your anger. What it publishes is all very well-mannered and cautious as far as I can see.


Support staff

Odd? Then you clearly haven’t had to put up with a avalanche of news alerts from them often with a gleefully malicious edge to them. They have often made a bad situation even worse for us non-lawyers left out in the cold by their insensitivity.



”Goodwin Procter is to take on a team of 26 King & Wood Mallesons (KWM) lawyers in London, with the team hire granted as part of a deal that also saw KWM drop litigation against the firm and corporate partner Richard Lever. KWM is thought to have spent between £500,000 and £1m in fees relating to the claims.”

This was just published by LegalWeek. Good to know where the interests of KWM’s partnership really were: pursuing a frivolous claim and then shafting ordinary staff. Utterly disgraceful, I hope their creditors know about this.



I bet the security has been ramped up to stop people from TPing their office


Gordon Geko

What a fucking mess.

Love the way that reporting focusses on the plight of trainees above all. All pray to the house of the Fee Earner Megagod. Welcome to the real world. No one owes you a living.

It’s a great laugh looking for a job at the best of times. It’s going to be really helpful to be able to say ‘I worked there without pay until the end’ – won’t make you look dumb at all.

On the plus side, you’ll be able to say “somewhere that has toilet roll” when asked what you’re looking for in your next role.



pipe down you utter prick


Gordon Geko

Oooh touchy.

Meanwhile the most fucks anyone who doesn’t work there gives is “Oh. That’s bad” before clicking on the next article and forgetting all about it.

Take your rage up with the people who bankrupted the place, or, even better – assuming you worked there – spend your time doing something useful like updating your CV.

Or you could rant online at someone who’s merely pointed out that you’ve no entitlement to anything and that the world at large cares about this as much as you really care about it when you read about other people’s job losses. Give a fuck about the 1000 staff laid off by Tesco this week do you?



KWM equity partner (now at a US firm)

Top bantaaaah!


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