Linklaters silent over air-rage armrest passenger’s solicitor claim

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Footage of ‘lawyers’ clashing on Malaga bound flight has gone viral


An aeroplane passenger who was filmed arguing with a fellow traveller about an armrest told him that she was a lawyer at magic circle giant Linklaters. The firm has declined to comment on this.

The viral footage, which was allegedly recorded on a Gatwick to Malaga flight, shows the squabbling duo exchange mid-air pleasantries over who gets the extra elbow room. The pair — who both claim to be lawyers — continue to argue as members of Monarch cabin crew plead for them to stop.

'I am a lawyer at Linklaters and I will sue you guys'
‘I am a lawyer at Linklaters and I will sue you guys’

The unidentified male passenger tells the woman she “is obnoxious and rude” and bluntly refuses to give up his precious armrest. Seemingly unwilling to engage in a spot of mediation, the unnamed woman (pictured) — with dark hair and a black top — claims to have been “punched” by his “elbow” before proclaiming:

I am a lawyer at Linklaters and I will sue you guys.

Laughs and clapping can be heard across the cabin with one passenger quipping “God, everyone’s a lawyer today”. The short clip — which was uploaded to YouTube yesterday and has received over 37,000 views — concludes with both lawyers being moved to different ends of the aeroplane. Despite not wishing to comment, Legal Cheek understands Linklaters is looking into the incident.

This isn’t the only travel-based story the magic circle giant has kept quiet on recently. Last month Linklaters declined to comment on a report that claimed one of its budding young associates, Tom Longstaff, had allegedly verbally abused a train passenger on a service from London King’s Cross to Leeds.

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Cheeky Nandos


The PC Police

That’s actually a racist comment referring to Hispanic origins, right?



A bloody embarrassment to the legal profession the both of them.



Plagiarising RollOnFriday without giving any credit as per usual Tommy?

Well done.



They may plagiarise but at least they aren’t relying on a 15+ year website that hasn’t really moved with the times, and is only kept afloat by getting mates who are partners to sign off poor quality advertising packages.



Hi Alex.



Not Alex, just someone who has had to deal with ROF basically bribing partners when the marketing department refuses to buy their crappy advertising packages that have no value to them.



Whatever you say Alex.


Jamie G

Why you calling him Alex? Lol


Not Amused

I personally think the sort of behaviour by ROF is silly.

At 7:35am LC posted the link to the Daily Mail article. I watched the video around 8am. I thought to myself “goodness, she clearly says she is from Linklaters, how embarrassing for the firm”. I thought no more of it, because I am not a journalist – but I would expect any journalist to have noticed it too.

At 12:13 someone at ROF publishes a story which is presumably based on them too having watched the video that I watched. The video on the Daily Mail’s website.

How on earth can an article on LC about the same point at 1.45pm be ‘plagiarising’ ROF?

ROF needs to stop behaving like children. It has an appalling website and I as a consumer, stopped going for that reason. Coming to LC and making hysterical and entirely spurious allegations of superiority is utterly misjudged. Fix your website and perhaps you wouldn’t have so many competitors.



You done yet hun?



If anyone needs to get in touch with Jamie he will be teaching a web-design course in 1991.


Not Amused

Sexist claptrap.



Everybody knows you’re Lydia…



Just to add to the comment that legalcheek is actually a very good quality website. I’m a junior so it’s not really pitched to me, but I think the seminars and events it has managed to set up look very well done. It’s a nice, easy to use website. The articles are always updated, there’s a lot of new content. I am impressed with the 2 staffers – Tom and Katie – and I think they do an excellent job. I have started coming here when bored everyday. It’s not something I’d admit in public and I feel a bit dirty even admitting it anonymously. Credit where credit’s due, and I know these comments are read and I wouldn’t ordinarily be inclined to break the mould and say anything positive, but there you go.



Love you Mum!



Surprise surprise, it was two white people having this row. Brought up with no manners or British values as expected.






If she is white then she certainly has some sun tan!



Ha! looks like you have never been around two black women at the reduced aisle in ASDA



^Sarcasm. The people arguing are not white, and since the OP is racist, this explains their impropriety.


Katie King

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Maccy D’s counts as a restaurant.



This one



Oh crap forgot to leave my name


Gus the Snedger

Unfortunately my chosen favourite comment of 2016 was deleted seconds after being posted.

Does that disqualify me?

I love Maccy D’s by the way…


Jamie Gagliardi

I actually love all your career conundrum ones, because it’s real life people in real life predicaments that a lot of other people (like myself) can relate to, and although I’m yet to be an author of one, I’m always reading them and comments and sometimes gain advice from that. But yes I know it doesn’t qualify as a “story”, it’s just what I personally look forward to reading on your page



Links has definitely taken CC’s crown.



This reminds me of two children squabbling in the back of their parents car on a long journey!


Credit Hire Solicitors LLP Partner

When I get bored I sometimes order a couple of my drones to fight to the death over an armrest. The winner gets a cup of hot piss.



Window seat gets one armrest and a place to rest their head, aisle seat gets one armrest and extra legroom, middle seat gets two armrests because they get nothing else. It’s basic etiquette, people.




Looks like she won’t be ‘a lawyer at Linklaters’ much longer 😂


The Daleks





LL and P

For someone to say they are a lawyer at Linklaters to win an argument about an armrest on a cheap airline says it all really. Quite pathetic.


Iami Tafari

Bladclot racist n sexist LC remove me post



Middle class lawyers arguing over armrest space on a plane.

Couldn’t be more clichéd.



Just listened (there’s nothing really to watch). Yuk! How awful. No/one comes out well but…The guy did sound like he was more odious than the woman. I know she pulled the “I’m a lawyer…” line but until then the game was all hers. Sounds like she snatched defeat from the jaws of victory.


Iami Tafari

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