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The Post-BPTC Files: Starting An Internship Aged 28 ‘Wasn’t The Life I’d Envisaged’ – But It Worked Out Alright

Editorial note: Last month Gemma Amran turned the conventional pupillage hunt narrative on its head when she wrote about how not getting a pupillage hadn’t been such a bad thing for her. Here Gemma charts her journey from the BPTC to the European Commission. During the year between graduating from university and studying the GDL,… Read more »

‘If At First You Don’t Succeed, Just Give Up’

Accepting you’re not going to get a pupillage can take more courage than blindly persisting with your barrister dream, writes Gemma Amran This year was going to be a different. I could feel it. I had been working in EU criminal justice policy at the European Commission in Brussels for the last year. After three… Read more »