Auntie Em

How To Face Down Dirty Tactics During a Vac Scheme

Over the weekend, ‘The Budding Lawyer’ wrote of the dirty tactics he had fallen victim to during his recent vac scheme. Here’s the gist of what happened: The Budding Lawyer tells a fellow vac-schemer that he finds the trainee he has been assigned to “boring”. Later, during a schmooze and drinks session, The Budding Lawyer… Read more »

‘Does Grindr Count As An Extra-Curricular Activity?’

The other day, desperate for something memorable to put in the gaping ‘outside interests’ section of his training contract application form, law student @MoykeG tweeted: “Does Grindr count as an extra-curricular activity?” With the TC application deadline upon us today, Auntie Em (aka Emily Jupp) advises: Dear Moyke, I have asked some friends about this… Read more »

Can One Fart in The Ladies at Work? Auntie Em Advises…

Dear Auntie Em, This one is a little bit embarrassing, I’m afraid. Okay, so let’s get straight to the point. I have a slight issue with trapped wind that is affecting me at work. My question is: how acceptable is it to relieve myself of the wind in the ladies at work? You see, I’m… Read more »

‘I WANT TO NET A STUNNER, 25, TOO!’ Auntie Em Advises…

Dear Auntie Em, I read with great interest your piece dated 6 February, ‘Barrister, 40: How I Netted Stunner, 25′. As it happens, I’m 40 myself, a barrister, and, since the breakdown of my relationship two years ago, single. Despite re-reading the aforementioned article a number of times, I’m still not clear how the barrister… Read more »