5 reasons why today’s vote won’t matter to the legal profession because Scottish lawyers already do things so very differently


There’s going to be some sort of democratic bonanza in a place made famous by an American-Australian actor in a Hollywood epic — but as far as the Scottish legal profession is concerned, it’s already independent Regardless of how the Scots vote — and let’s face it, who among us doesn’t wish they would get… Read more »

Lawyers can’t be stressed – they don’t drink coffee


Research reveals legal profession to be out of the top-10 groups addicted to the caffeine rush, suggesting all this talk of hard work is exaggerated Despite the image of highly-stressed law firm associates and trainees toiling under whip-cracking pressure from departmental partners in the rarefied air of global legal practice, lawyers don’t seem to be… Read more »

Legal pic of the day


On today’s centenary of the start of the first world war, this photo shows members of the Inns of Court Regiment being drilled in Hertfordshire during the conflict