How To Face Down Dirty Tactics During a Vac Scheme

Over the weekend, ‘The Budding Lawyer’ wrote of the dirty tactics he had fallen victim to during his recent vac scheme. Here’s the gist of what happened: The Budding Lawyer tells a fellow vac-schemer that he finds the trainee he has been assigned to “boring”. Later, during a schmooze and drinks session, The Budding Lawyer… Read more »

Feeling Important: Possible As a Trainee Solicitor?

TheTraineeComplex continues his bid to understand life as a City law firm trainee through reference to the work of Sigmund Freud When criticised, Freud used to reply: “You know what, my mother loves me”. What he meant by this was that as long as you feel important to at least one person then what the… Read more »

A G&T With @LegalTrainee Founder Izzy Abidi

Earlier this week I caught up with Eversheds trainee Izzy Abidi – the brains behind award-winning junior lawyer Twitter sensation @LegalTrainee – in Shoreditch’s Commercial Tavern. Acting as a kind of virtual shepherd, @LegalTrainee guides individual Eversheds trainees as they roam through the social media pastures, keeping them loosely in unison, making sure nobody does… Read more »

Same Shirt, Different Day: Freudian Explanation?

Last Thursday, I wore the same shirt to work as I had on Wednesday. This shouldn’t have happened: I’ve got ten shirts and a sophisticated rotation system. Yet there I was, a trainee lawyer at a City law firm, dressed in the same shirt two days in a row, writes TheTraineeComplex When I find myself… Read more »

If You Put Trainee Solicitors On Housing Benefits, You Cut The Price Of Law School, Right?

Following the announcement by the Law Society that trainee solicitors on housing benefit is “not the type of image that benefits the profession”, Legal Cheek editor Alex Aldridge and Bircham Dyson Bell lawyer Kevin Poulter discuss the wisdom of the Solicitors Regulation Authority’s (SRA) proposal to abandon the minimum trainee salary and pay rookie solicitors… Read more »

REVEALED: £30K Buys a TC, £9K a Paralegal Post

Earlier this month, Jonathan Fagan, managing director of Ten-Percent Legal Recruitment, received an email from a graduate who’d been invited to interview for a paralegal job at a law firm. According to Fagan, the graduate had, in advance, been informed that she had to pay £9,000 to be considered for this role and wanted to… Read more »

Freshfields Trainees in Pretend Homelessness Adventure

Magic circle giant Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer has given its trainee solicitors a rare break from their round-the-clock photocopying duties to mooch around London for the afternoon pretending to be tramps, reports The Lawyer. 24 of the firm’s trainee solicitors, who earn £39,000 a year, teamed up with a Big Issue vendor each for around three… Read more »

Are City Law Firms Dominated by Posh Lad Culture?

Some firms have a strong penchant for rugby types like ‘spit-roast’ email trainee Daniel England; others less so, says City lawyer Evan Richards Now that the dust has settled on the Daniel England affair, and the ‘spit roast’ email trainee’s employer Shearman & Sterling has apparently dealt with the matter, it’s worth taking a step… Read more »

At Least You’re Not an Italian Trainee Lawyer…

As English law students worry about the possible scrapping of the minimum trainee solicitor salary, and groan about the miserly £12K minimum award paid to pupil barristers, spare a thought for rookie lawyers in Euro-crisis hit Italy. The other day, 25 year-old trainee lawyer Michela Moretti told the Guardian:

Escape Routes From The Law: Doing a Hollywood

For the legions of training contract hunters out there, being a lawyer is a dream. But it’s not a job that makes everyone happy. The British Hollywood actor Gerard Butler (pictured), who started out as a trainee solicitor with Edinburgh corporate law firm Morton Fraser, didn’t enjoy his time in the legal profession. “If I’d… Read more »

#RoundMyKitchenTable: Aldridge & Poulter Analyse Week’s Legal News

Journalist Alex Aldridge and solicitor Kevin Poulter discuss the week’s legal news over a bottle of Tesco Value red wine around Alex’s kitchen table (pictured). What does former Junior Lawyer Division of the Law Society honcho Poulter think of the proposal to scrap the minimum trainee solicitor salary? How does Aldridge, whose Guardian law column… Read more »

Minimum Trainee Solicitor Salary May Be Scrapped – Will Minimum Pupillage Award Be Next?

The Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) has said there’s no regulatory justification for retaining the 30-year-old policy of minimum salaries for trainee solicitors. For legal geeks, the detail is explained nicely on LegalFutures. To summarise the practicalities: the scrapping of the minimum pay rule – currently £18,590 in central London and £16,650 elsewhere – would leave… Read more »

Legal Sector’s January Recovery Looks Brittle

Fundamentals behind recent improved trainee retention rates and pay rises are questionable, says Alex Aldridge One of the pearls of wisdom I’ve gleaned from five years as a journalist covering the legal market is that no one – not even the senior partners of international law firms – really understands what makes the economy go… Read more »


Contrary to popular belief, Alex Aldridge is not locked up in a Morroccan jail for crimes against fashion, but taking a break from podcasting fun. Kevin Poulter is joined #RoundMyDiningTable this week by stand-in co-host and ace legal reporter Daniel Hoadley and very special guests Diane Burleigh, Chief Executive of the newly Chartered Institute of… Read more »


Follow @flo_duguid Law graduate Flora Duguid isn’t impressed by the new solicitor training scheme Accutrainee The more I think about Acculaw (or Accutrainee as the new training scheme for wannabe lawyers was recently re-branded), the more it reminds me of a pair of Jimmy Choos in a charity shop. Both look fantastic at first sight,… Read more »