Was Your Weekend As Exciting As Dave’s?

Who said the life of a newly qualified solicitor was all about keeping your nose to the grindstone? As the Twitter feed of Kingsley Napley NQ Dave Rowntree (aka the drummer from Blur who has become a lawyer) illustrates, it’s perfectly possible to use the job as a jumping off point for international DJing frolics…… Read more »

Law Firm Exclaims ‘Delight’ At Having 43,000 Twitter Followers; Fails To Mention They’re Almost All Fake

In its September newsletter, Blavo & Co Solicitors professes itself “excited and delighted by our 43,000+ Twitter followers who continue to enhance the way we communicate and exchanged ideas through social media.” That makes Blavo & Co, a firm with seven offices across London, Hertfordshire and Surrey, Britain’s most popular law firm on Twitter, by… Read more »

Blogger: ‘At #WSSocialMedia & Law Event. Panel Includes Lawyer Who Threatened To Jail Me For Reporting The Truth’

Legal Cheek roving reporter Cat Pond reviews yesterday’s Weber Shandwick ‘Social Media & the Law’ event, where Twitter Joke Trial silk John Cooper QC and several other high-profile guests spent an interesting morning Armed with cups of coffee, the assembled attendees at yesterday’s ‘Social media and the Law’ breakfast seminar took their seats. The panelists… Read more »

Conservative MP Philip Davies Slams ‘Pompous’ ‘Out Of Touch’ Legal Profession In Anti-Lawyer Twitter Diatribe

It began last Thursday, when right-wing Tory MP Philip Davies labelled Judge Peter Bowers (of burglars are courageous fame) an “idiot” and “lily livered” in the House of Commons – then went on Radio 5 to drive home his slur. This annoyed ‘Boro Barrister’, an anonymous tweeting barrister who practises in the Teeside area where… Read more »

A G&T With @LegalTrainee Founder Izzy Abidi

Earlier this week I caught up with Eversheds trainee Izzy Abidi – the brains behind award-winning junior lawyer Twitter sensation @LegalTrainee – in Shoreditch’s Commercial Tavern. Acting as a kind of virtual shepherd, @LegalTrainee guides individual Eversheds trainees as they roam through the social media pastures, keeping them loosely in unison, making sure nobody does… Read more »

Huge Follower Count Of Celebrity Solicitor Dean Dunham Plummets As Fear Spreads About Being Outed for Buying Twitter Disciples

The other week we reported the spectacular – and rather unnatural – growth in the Twitter follower count of police commissioner candidate Mervyn Barrett OBE. Perhaps self-styled “celebrity lawyer” Dean Dunham (pictured), purveyor of legal advice in The Sun, read our article. Because since then Dunham’s enormous Twitter follower account – which once stood at well… Read more »

Is It OK For Barristers To Call Their Client a ‘Slag’?

This morning, I tweeted a story about a barrister who’d described his client as a “slag”. Referring to a CCTV film of the client lifting her skirt and flirting with three men who she is then alleged to have taken to murder her wealthy husband, Stuart Rafferty QC stated in his closing speech: “You’ve all… Read more »

Which Legal Tweeters Have Bought Their Twitter Followers?

Until I read recently that 92% of US politician Newt Gingrich’s Twitter followers had been purchased, I didn’t realise there was a trade in such things. But a quick Google search reveals that buying tweeps is easy to do – and the prices are falling, with one site offering 1,000 followers for just £8 (and… Read more »

Lawyer Etiquette: Is It OK To Be Photographed Barefoot?

On Monday, I ran a story about the dad of Hugo from Made in Chelsea, who is SJ Berwin solicitor-advocate Tim Taylor QC. Judging by an interview Taylor senior did with his firm’s in-house magazine, in which he boasted of his ability to balance a glass of Chablis on his forehead and drink it without… Read more »

Can Law Student Who Sent Racist Tweets Be Rehabilitated?

This week, LexisNexis PR specialists Simon Goldie and Melissa Higgs visit Legal Cheek HQ, where they share their advice on managing an online public profile with journalist Alex Aldridge and employment lawyer Kevin Poulter. In the wake of Lord Neuberger’s comments criticising judges for appearing on MasterChef, the quartet discuss how far lawyers and law… Read more »

Are Top Legal Tweeters Socially Disruptive Narcissists?

It was with grave concern for Preiskel & Co’s David Allen Green – Britain’s only lawyer with a Facebook fan page – that I read of recent research establishing a link between how many Facebook friends you have, and how much of a “socially disruptive” narcissist you are. The research, published in the journal Personality and Individual… Read more »

Racist Tweet Law Student Avoids Jail – But Career Prospects Damaged

Newcastle University law student Joshua Cryer has been sentenced to a two-year community order for sending ‘grossly offensive’ Twitter messages to ex-footballer Stan Collymore. Having initially denied sending the tweets, claiming that his account had been hacked, Cryer (pictured) changed his plea and admitted his guilt at a hearing earlier this month. Sentencing him this… Read more »

Legal Tweeters Shunned In The Independent’s Twitter 100

The legal profession is waking up this morning to the distressing news that not a single of its members achieved a place in The Independent’s list of the UK’s 100 most influential tweeters. Scandalously, not even legal Twitter A-lister David Allen Green (pictured) – who boasts 24,571 followers and was recently named the 64th most… Read more »

Tweeting Barrister Struck-Off by BSB

Along with Mike Semple Piggot (@CharonQC), intellectual property barrister David Harris (@Geeklawyer) is one of the first British lawyers to have built up a profile through blogging and tweeting. But Harris’ (pictured) original Geeklawyer blog vanished a couple of years ago, and he has been quiet for a good while on Twitter on account of… Read more »