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The Post-BPTC Files: Starting An Internship Aged 28 ‘Wasn’t The Life I’d Envisaged’ – But It Worked Out Alright

Editorial note: Last month Gemma Amran turned the conventional pupillage hunt narrative on its head when she wrote about how not getting a pupillage hadn’t been such a bad thing for her. Here Gemma charts her journey from the BPTC to the European Commission. During the year between graduating from university and studying the GDL,… Read more »

Fashion Law: It’s Booming, Darling

Jobless LPC students and law graduates, have you considered fashion law? Suddenly, everyone seems to be talking about it. According to the Financial Times, which isn’t known for its hyperbole: “demand for legal specialists with luxury goods expertise has risen stratospherically.” Meanwhile, over at US legal website Above the Law, Staci Zaretsky writes: “Fashion law… Read more »

Solicitor Wows YouTube With Rap Video

Steve Wilson, a partner in the accident and injury claims team at Sills & Betteridge solicitors in Lincoln, isn’t the sort of person you’d immediately associate with the world of rap music. But first impressions can be deceiving. Employing a spoken-word style reminiscent of former The Streets vocalist Mike Skinner, Wilson eschews long-held conventions of… Read more »

Escape Routes From The Law: Doing a Hollywood

For the legions of training contract hunters out there, being a lawyer is a dream. But it’s not a job that makes everyone happy. The British Hollywood actor Gerard Butler (pictured), who started out as a trainee solicitor with Edinburgh corporate law firm Morton Fraser, didn’t enjoy his time in the legal profession. “If I’d… Read more »

Alternative Careers: Working for a Legal Charity

LawWorks’ Alasdair Stewart on why there’s more to life than training contracts When I started my law degree, my thoughts were firmly focused on how it would aid a career in business. By the end of the course, I was moving to London to work for a charity. I was very fortunate to attend the… Read more »

Julian Assange’s ex-Lawyer Re-Brands as Fitness Guru

Yesterday, it was with considerable surprise that I happened upon ‘Jogging with the FT: Mark Stephens’ – an interview with the high profile media lawyer conducted while he ran around Regent’s Park. Now, Stephens (pictured below) may be many things – charming, down-to-earth, super PR savvy for a lawyer – but a shining example of… Read more »

Cash-Strapped Legal Aid Lawyers Top Up with Part-time Work

Solicitor takes on paper-round, as barrister’s fitness dominatrix sideline flourishes Recent cuts to legal aid have contributed to a Plymouth solicitor doing an early morning paper-round and working three mornings-a-week in his family’s convenience store. Stephen Walker, a senior lawyer at criminal firm Walker LaHive, then does a nine-hour day as a solicitor. He also… Read more »


Follow @pondcat Law graduates’ transferable skills give them an advantage in the non-legal job market, says Cat Pond If you study law, you go into law. Simple enough, surely? Well, not to the growing number of law graduates currently branching out into a variety of different sectors. A glance at a selection of university surveys… Read more »

#RoundMyKitchenTable: LAWYERS AND PR

      Legal Cheek editor Alex Aldridge, whose flat’s central heating is broken, turns on his oven in a bid to warm up his kitchen sufficiently for guests Rachel Podolak, communications manager of the Bar Standards Board (BSB), and Elizabeth Mercer, public relations adviser at Pinsent Masons, a City law firm that also publishes… Read more »