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Morning Round-Up: Wednesday 23 January

Lindsay Lohan's new lawyer is sponsored by 'foodie socialite' to allow him to represent her in court [Mail Online] David Cameron speech: UK and the EU [BBC News] Should you brag about your law school grades on Facebook? [Above the Law] Convicted criminals and undeclared bankrupts were among the people nominated by law firms to... Read more »

Morning Round-Up: Monday 21 January

Threat to the courts system as barristers google jurors then alter speeches to win sympathy [The Times (£)] Barristers google jurors to find out their likes, jobs and interests then tailor courtroom speeches to help win trials [Mail Online] Business leaders have grown ‘diversity weary’ [Law Society Gazette] Judge reminisces about his Cambridge days in... Read more »

End Of The Day Round-Up

The new Titan prison idea could be a bit of a rightwing smokescreen, designed to burnish the justice secretary's tough man image [The Guardian] One in five firms likely to seek external investment [Law Society Gazette] Only half of police officers 'would report colleague who punched suspect' [The Telegraph] CILEx CEO sees take-up difficulty for... Read more »

Morning Round-Up: Friday 11 January

Law's Mystic Meg: no future for high street firms, but window of opportunity for mid-sized practices [Legal Futures] Can accountants change the legal sector? [Law Society Gazette] Christians and working on Sundays: what the tribunal really said [The Guardian] In defence of law school: because what else are you going to do with yourself? [Above... Read more »

Morning Round-Up: Thursday 10 January

Delhi gang rape lawyer says 'no respectable woman' would be raped [Huffington Post UK] 'An aid for your daily Twitter experience: Orwell's Two Minute Hate (remarkably prescient if you watch it)' [David Allen Green via Twitter] Woman Bar leader sees end of ‘fat cat’ image [The Times] Birmingham Law Centre faces the axe after a... Read more »

Morning Round-Up: Wednesday 9 January

Chris Grayling: Using same old probation services to cut reoffending is madness [The Telegraph] Foreign national prisoners lose right to legal aid [The Guardian] WikiLeaks soldier Bradley Manning has his sentence reduced over his treatment in military prison [Mail Online] Matrix leads as Chris Huhne's partner appeals Daily Mail judgment [The Lawyer] 21 reasons why... Read more »

End Of The Day Round-Up

Cherie Booth’s consultancy among latest ABS approvals [Law Society Gazette] ‘Massively oversubscribed’: legal aid contracts from April 2013 [Legal Voice] Huhne v Pryce: It ain't over [Guido Fawkes] The only 3 job interview questions [Forbes] Law fails to make it into either the most stressful or least stressful list of jobs 2013 [CareerCast] Indian Bar... Read more »

Morning Round-Up: Friday 4 January

Court told that solicitor tried to get his wife to lie for him when he was caught drink driving on New Year’s Eve [The Argus] The Libor scandal: Year of the lawyer [The Economist] Legal challenges for saunas [Law & Sexuality] The biggest human rights stories of 2012 – Part 4 of 4 [UK Human... Read more »

Morning Round-Up: Thursday 3 January

Allen and Overy warns of new year Christmas party hangover [Metro] Lawyer, 51, moves back in with his mother to loan house to homeless family for a year [Mail Online] A view from the litigant in person [Law Society Gazette] Philippe Sands and Helena Kennedy: In Defence of Rights [London Review Of Books] Summary of... Read more »

Morning Round-Up: Wednesday 2 January

The real-life Legally Blonde: Law student who spent thousands on becoming a living Barbie doll hits back at bullies who called her an airhead by gaining TWO degrees [Mail Online] Allen & Overy’s Wootton leads thin line-up of solicitor honours [Law Society Gazette] The honest truth about being a law student [Legal Lemur] Cyborg law... Read more »

End Of The Day Round-Up

Trainee retention figures hold up [Law Society Gazette] Solicitor faces up to 5 years in jail for nobbling witnesses in Crown Court trial [Pendle Today] Law Firm Christmas card contest: the finalists [Above the Law] Joshua Rozenberg: Lessons from Leveson [Standpoint] Lawyer who foretold church scandals writes his story [Reuters] Scientology does not qualify for... Read more »

End Of The Day Round-Up

Grayling sets out plan for culling judicial reviews [Law Society Gazette] Jon Robins follows the furore over regulation in the legal fraternity [New Law Journal] Transcript of today's hearing in Litvinenko inquest [ via Joshua Rozenberg on Twitter] Legal warning for tweeters and bloggers [BBC] US Supreme Court judge Sonia Sotomayor tells how fear of... Read more »

Morning Round-Up: Wednesday 5 December

Free the Press, free the Judges [The Independent] Law firms: the priciest partnerships [The Economist] California ruling limits scope of law banning 'gay conversion' therapists [The Guardian] A verdict on our judges: too white, too male [The Times (£)] MPs on the each side of the Leveson debate [Guido Fawkes] Buying in: Thoughts on making... Read more »

End Of The Day Round-Up

Hit by cottaging revelations on Monday, becomes a university on Thursday: What a week for the College of Law! [Legal Cheek] Social media in perspective: why there are grounds for optimism in respect of the law [New Statesman] Fears LETR may lead to ‘misguided reform’ [Law Society Gazette] Lord McAlpine's solicitor, Andrew Reid, on ITV... Read more »

Morning Round-Up: Tuesday 13 November

'Grayling tells chair of Criminal Bar Association (CBA) to "get back in your box" over legal aid cuts' [John Cooper QC via Twitter] Abu Qatada's lawyer reacts to ruling [The Telegraph] Secret courts plan is radical departure from open justice, says committee [The Guardian] 'Poppycock': Man's arrest for posting image of burning poppy on Facebook... Read more »

Morning Round-Up: Friday 9 November

Star of lawyer documentary The Briefs Franklin Sinclair cheats death in ‘freak waves’ horror on paradise isle of Cape Verde [Manchester Evening News] Juror who disclosed details of deliberations to a defendant in a criminal trial jailed for contempt of court [BBC] Non-practising barrister toasts old times at St Andrews University with his wife at... Read more »

Morning Round-Up: Wednesday 7 November

Alternative careers: Obama wins battle of the law graduates – full transcript of his election night speech [The New York Times] Police play judge and jury in too many cases, say magistrates [The Telegraph] Scottish lawyers threaten to strike in legal aid row [The Herald] Judge orders woman to wear 'idiot' sign after driving on... Read more »

End Of The Day Round-Up

British judge: Say you're sorry Apple... this time like you MEAN it [The Register] Chorley man jailed over sick Facebook messages has sentence cut [Lancashire Telegraph] Village uproar after picturesque ford where top judge was swept to his death in floods is sealed off with concrete barriers by council [Mail Online] Jailed ex-Hogan Lovells solicitor... Read more »

End Of The Day Round-Up

Berlusconi sentenced to four years in jail [Sky News] but quickly reduced to one [BBC] Nightjack: the statement in open court [Jack of Kent] So I want to be a do I pay for it? [Guardian Studying Law] ‘Bent for the job’: A short history of police corruption [Justice Gap] Quotas for women: for... Read more »

End Of the Day Round Up

Dechert’s Miriam Gonzalez v 39 Essex Street’s Justine Thornton [Mail Online] Manchester Metropolitan University law student jailed for £1.5m VAT scam [Manchester Evening News] Social media laws to be discussed in wake of prosecutions [BBC] Judicious restraints [The Kernel] Unhappy consumers ‘intimidated by jargon’ [Law Society Gazette] 'Statutory' is not a bogey word [New Statesman]

End Of The Day Round-Up

Lawyer hits the waves [The Oban Times] Why did Justin Lee Collins get such a lenient sentence? [The Guardian] Free speech again [A(nother) lawyer writes] 18 Red Lion Court barrister talks tough at Tory conference [Gloucestershire Echo] Ten things we learned from the Conservative Party conference [Law Society Gazette]

Morning Round-Up: Wednesday 10 October

Justin Lee Collins jokes with his barrister, Sonia Woodley QC, moments after abuse conviction [The Sun] Tory snobs shout lawyer down as they target union rights [Morning Star] Judge wonders what to do with the drunken sailor [The Guardian] Grayling’s opportunism [Law Society Gazette] 5 bad reasons to go to law school [Bitter Lawyer]

End Of The Day Round-Up

Trainee lawyer, 22, who sued cruise firm after being hit by flying sun lounger is facing bankruptcy as legal bills spiral to £350,000 [Mail Online] The Times settles Nightjack claim for £42,500 plus costs [New Statesman] Former journo’s claim that it "has long been an ambition of mine" to be appointed Justice Secretary and Lord... Read more »

Morning Round-Up: Friday 28 September

The lawyers on the FA panel that has banned and fined John Terry for racial abuse [The Telegraph] Law firm freelancer who misled court could face stretch in jail [Peterborough Telegraph] Bradley Manning lawyer alleges slow trial is 'an absolute mockery' of rights [The Guardian] Hamza farce is a source of real fury to me:... Read more »