Pupil barristers

Apprentice Star Sparks Daily Mail Pupillage Coffee-Making Row

“If you had someone trained as a barrister, you wouldn’t have them running round making coffee all day – it’s demeaning,” Apprentice winner (and former banker) Stella English told the Daily Mail on Monday, having quit her new role because she wasn’t given enough responsibility. Au contraire, Stella. Rookie barristers make lots of coffee –… Read more »

Simon Myerson QC: I’d Rather Have a Coffee Than a Pupil

‘Pupils contribute nothing to chambers during their pupillage’, writes Simon Myerson QC, so paying them more than the £12K minimum makes no sense I like Legal Cheek and I like Alex Aldridge who runs it. Nonetheless, it has recently gone all tabloid on the issue of funding for pupillages, and I have told Alex so…. Read more »

At Least You’re Not an Italian Trainee Lawyer…

As English law students worry about the possible scrapping of the minimum trainee solicitor salary, and groan about the miserly £12K minimum award paid to pupil barristers, spare a thought for rookie lawyers in Euro-crisis hit Italy. The other day, 25 year-old trainee lawyer Michela Moretti told the Guardian:

Son of ‘End of Lawyers’ Author Susskind is…a Law Student

Like the popular astrologist Shelley von Strunckel, legal futurologist Richard Susskind OBE makes his living from relaying information about the future to ordinary people. However, while von Strunckel’s forecasts are famously upbeat, Susskind’s (pictured) predictions frequently contain apparitions of doom. In his recent book, ‘The End of Lawyers?’, the decorated legal guru foresees “a future… Read more »

Legal Sector’s January Recovery Looks Brittle

Fundamentals behind recent improved trainee retention rates and pay rises are questionable, says Alex Aldridge One of the pearls of wisdom I’ve gleaned from five years as a journalist covering the legal market is that no one – not even the senior partners of international law firms – really understands what makes the economy go… Read more »