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Barrister Who Accused Lord McAlpine Of Being a Paedophile Issues Grovelling Apology – As Peer’s Legal Team Confirms It’s Investigating Him

Earlier this month we revealed that one of the bloggers who wrongly named Lord McAlpine in connection with allegations of paedophilia is Brighton-based barrister Duncan Roy. Now it has been confirmed that McAlpine’s legal team is investigating Roy’s blog post – which not only named the Tory peer, but branded him “evil”…

Is It OK For Barristers To Call Their Client a ‘Slag’?

This morning, I tweeted a story about a barrister who’d described his client as a “slag”. Referring to a CCTV film of the client lifting her skirt and flirting with three men who she is then alleged to have taken to murder her wealthy husband, Stuart Rafferty QC stated in his closing speech: “You’ve all… Read more »