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Dear Auntie Em,

My law firm, where I’m a newly qualified solicitor, is introducing a ‘dress down Friday’ policy for the first time tomorrow. I’m a fairly unassuming type, too unassuming perhaps – well, that’s what my boss says.

Anyway, this seems like the perfect opportunity to prove him wrong. With Halloween just passed, and Bonfire night on Saturday, I thought I could introduce some ghoulish elements to my attire tomorrow.

My only concern is that the firm’s HR team says employees should interpret dress down Friday as “an opportunity to showcase a business casual look.” How much can I get away with?

With kind regards,


Disclaimer: Auntie Em has never worked in a law firm. But she is an aunt and has a psychology degree. As a teenager, Auntie Em had a dream predicting 9/11.

Dear Robert,

Well, Bob, it seems to me that you just want some attention. As you say, you’re unassuming and maybe you feel you’ve been overlooked for too long.

But consider this, Bob: is going into work on Friday sporting a black cloak and vampire fangs really going to get you the attention you crave? Even donning a subtle ‘comedy tie’ with a glow-in-the-dark Guy and LED bonfire, Bob, is that really going to make your colleagues sit up and take notice?

Having said that, if you were to wear some black leggings and a cat’s tail made from old pipe cleaners their respect for you could go through the roof…

But it’s a risk, Bob. And my instincts warn against it.

Instead, you must flaunt the firm’s unimaginative effort to inject fun into Fridays by wearing the smartest suit and shiniest shoes you own. And get to the office early, too! So set your alarm for 4am, so you can be at your desk sending work emails by 5. Oh, and go for a jog at lunch.  Soon your colleagues will start to notice you – for the right reasons.

Good luck Bob.


Auntie Em

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