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Diet Justice reviews some of the best iPhone Apps for lawyers-to-be

I now have the pleasure of being in possession of an iphone 4. And, having played with it constantly since I got it, I can’t imagine how I ever managed without one. It’s the apps that make the iphone so epic, so I’m going to share with you five of them – a mix of free and paid ones – that I think are ideal for wannabe lawyers.

The anti-procrastinator

iStudiez Pro £2.99

This one is aimed at the student who wants to keep their life in order. It provides you with the opportunity to manage your work and life, but entails a fair degree of commitment. Still, if you put the effort in, it works; I use it and it has helped me take control of my procrastination a little bit more.

The PA

Springpad Free

This is easily the most customisable and comprehensive ‘life management’ tool I’ve come across. It works on the list concept, but using notes, photos, barcodes, audio and map locations to widen the scope beyond that of similar tools. You can use it to create, for example, shopping lists, alarms, contacts, albums, bookmarks and recipes.

The password fairy

Keeper  Free / £6.99

I find keeping track of passwords a nightmare, and I know I’m not the only one. In order to remember all these passwords, we often pick a very memorable word, and use that same password for all our logins. It may make life easier for us, but it leaves us vulnerable to security breachs. It takes seconds for a hacker to breach passwords, so steps need to be taken to protect yourself. This Keeper application creates strong passwords and keeps them on your phone in a locked and encrypted piece of software. Don’t worry about losing your phone as the software backs itself up.

The overdraft alarm

PageOnce Free

PageOnce is an application that securely logs into your online banking and provides you with a fully up to date itemised statement. I love it because it’s very quick to do, gives a lot of detail, and sends me a notification if I reach my overdraft…which I do way too often!

The mobile law library

CrimeLine Law £1.99

This is the best application I have ever come across. It contains precedents, statutes, consultation papers and much more. For £1.99 you have easy access to every piece of case law and legislation you could possibly need. The best way to show you how huge this app is by drawing you a map of a part of it:

  • England and Wales
    • Case Law
    • Welsh Legislation
      • Statutory Instruments
      • Measures by the Assembly
      • Law Commission Reports
  • Europe
    • Case Law from ECJ and ECtHR

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Alan Jones

I’m amazed that there is no mention of iLegal Legislation, which is by far the most useful iPhone/iPad app for lawyers and law students. All the legislation in that app is stored offline so there’s no need to have an Internet connection. For me, the need for a strong data signal makes apps like CrimeLine Law useless. The author has clearly not done his/her homework!


Ollie from Diet Justice

Hi Alan,

I’ve not come across it before, but i’ve only had an iphone for a few weeks. Apologies for that, but thanks for sharing it as i am going to download it now!



Ollie from Diet Justice

Just checked it out Alan, and its a bit out of my price range at 39.99…however when i get an income its something i will defiantly invest in.



Alan Jones

A worthwhile investment. Every single item of legislation offline… it’s a bargain! Why don’t you contact the developer for a review copy?



Ollie from Diet Justice

Alan, take a look at CrimeLine Law and let me know what you think. It has all legislation and case law…including EU and devolved legislation. Its only 1.99, so its ideal for students. I would be interested to see iLegal Legislation and compare it to CrimeLine Law. I suspect they will be virtually identical in terms of legislation, but crimeline has caselaw as well. The negative side of CrimeLine is the way its displayed, so it could be that iLegal wins purely based on ease of navigation.

Would be interested to hear your thoughts on CrimeLine Law. Good idea re; review copy of iLegal I will contact and see if they would be interested.




Grace Kemp

Thank you Ollie this was very helpful. I have downloaded all of the apps and am now making great use of them!!


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