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Poorly disguised Twitter boast of the week (brought to you in association with @John_Cooper_QC)

Picking up from where he left off last week, the modest Mr Cooper continues:“Very happy that our legal advice helped #OccupyLSX to a great result.”

Twitter postcard of the week

My week of executive training at Oxford Said business school, by the College of Law’s @Colmmu

First, some thought-provoking ideas.

“Lesson today as the world becomes more networked socially, organisations are becoming more fragmented. Hmmmm.”

But don’t worry boss, this stuff can be applied in the workplace.

“am picking up some useful insight here and strong ideas to push forward. We should chat when I get back.”

Until then, though, it’s time to kick back and enjoy.

“Am particularly liking my loft style apartment accommodation on this course.”

Another day, another working group to practice new jargon:

“Can I throw in “gamestorming” as part of dynamic team working process.”

And there’s some proper academic stuff, too, you know.

“I’ve moved from intelligent agents in computing to post humanism now, some complex ethics and interesting legal issues….. #said”

All in all, it’s been a great experience…

“A week at Oxford feels like a term in the value stakes.”

…and they seem to like @colmmu, too.

“Just been asked if I want to be famous in the US, how does one respond?”

Twitter theory of why the world is fucked of the week


“IBA Dubai: Linklaters confess 60% of their computer use is on FB. 2nd is Google…”

Twitter sexual harassment revelation of the week 

@_millymoo in response to @debbiematthews1’s piece on sex-crazed male lawyers:

“To summarise [my experience]: 1 boss telling me I had nice tits. One barrister trying to snog me at the Xmas party. One sending me >”

“a bouquet with a dinner invitation while I was a pupil, one sticking his hand up my skirt to check I was wearing”

“stockings, because pupils should be ‘properly attired’. Welcome to law :D”

Twitter gag of the week

@legalbrat, AKA Financial Times legal chief Tim Bratton, on Tuesday’s failed attempt to establish another protest camp across the river:

More police outside the Tate Modern this morning than on an omnibus edition of The Bill.

Until next week…