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Contrary to popular belief, Alex Aldridge is not locked up in a Morroccan jail for crimes against fashion, but taking a break from podcasting fun. Kevin Poulter is joined #RoundMyDiningTable this week by stand-in co-host and ace legal reporter Daniel Hoadley and very special guests Diane Burleigh, Chief Executive of the newly Chartered Institute of Legal Executives and the ILEX PR man, Paul Hutchinson.

Over mince pies and some seasonal fizz, the discussion moves seamlessly from locking up musical loving jurors to debt-free ways to make it to the top of the legal profession. Sound like a dream? No, it’s nothing to do with too much sherry, it’s the no-nonsense ILEX route to training-contract-free partnership.

Despite some foolish questions from Dan, there is wise advice for those considering a career in the law who might not have considered alternative options.

It’s also worth listening to the end…if only for the OTT and mildly insincere wishes of yuletide peace and happiness.

We’ll all be back in the new year, but until then we hope that Santa empties his generous sack in your direction. And to all a good night.

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