AUNTIE EM’S HOMESPUN ADVICE FOR LAWYERS: ‘I got drunk and told my colleagues I hate them’

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By Legal Cheek on

Dear Auntie Em,

At last month’s office Christmas party I got very drunk and told my boss and all my colleagues at my firm that I hate them. Then I went off on holiday.

I’m due back into work on Monday. How should I play it? I don’t actually like my boss and colleagues, but ‘hate’ is probably overstating it.


P.S. My Christmas party rant may have also featured the phrase ‘I fucking quit this hell-hole’

Disclaimer: Auntie Em has never worked in a law firm. But she is an aunt and has a psychology degree. As a teenager, Auntie Em had a dream predicting 9/11.

Dear Sarah,

Ah, Christmas parties! The caustic mixture of alcohol and being forced to pretend we’re having fun only brings out the worst in people. Or, at least it makes them more honest. Either way, you’re in the shit, pudding.

Then again, there’s every chance that the rest of them were as drunk as you. Maybe they made wild confessions, too? Perhaps your outburst got lost in a haze of booze and karaoke? And even if it didn’t, three long weeks have passed since Christmas party season. People have short memories.

Here’s what to do: go in on Monday morning, keep your head down and act as if nothing happened. If someone mentions your behaviour, smile sweetly and simply say, “I don’t seem to recall that. Did you have a nice Christmas?”

And if that doesn’t work? Well, you hate them all anyway.

Good luck with your new start in 2012.


Auntie Em

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